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Sisyphean Rooftile Repair Kit

Part of the Home, Sweat Home project. NOW, with added permission!
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Preamble: Roofing tiles in this idea refer to Barrel Roof (Marley) tiles. These overlapping tiles have a lip oriented upwards from the plane in order to secure the upper part of the lower tile to the underside of the top tile. Users of other roof tile solutions are referred to RolandCo's full product brochure.

The lip of the tile found in the Sisyphean Rooftile Repair Kit is curved vertically, as with normal rooftiles. However, it has a bi-metallic constitution. Upon exposure to the direct sunlight, and temperature increase, oft associated with roof structures, the lip component straightens and looses its grip, so to speak. This allows plausible deniability, for the manufacturer, in times of weather incidents. The C60, or graphite, underside facilitates the gentle slide, of the tile, off the roof. It is recommended that, at any given point in time, no more than 5% of your roofing surface be Sisyphean Roofing, or else, you may contract shingles.

4whom, Jan 05 2008

Parent Idea Home_2c_20Sweat_20Home
for [sninctown] and others... [4whom, May 17 2008]


       You don't have to catch them. After a hard days work at the <whichever multi-national is abusing your local knowledge>, it is important to note that the roof tile remains intact on the floor, although the cusp is made from a bi-metallic compound, the rest of the tile is made from indestructium. You will have to refit it to your roof, though.
4whom, Jan 05 2008

       Now for those stables...
phoenix, Jan 05 2008

       And of course, by its design the Home Sweat Home does not accommodate the use of a ladder, so you must scale the decorative yet functional rose trellis, roof tile firmly clenched in your teeth, to make your way to the rooftop.   

       Once you have cleared the gable, you are strongly advised to engage the Home Sweat Home Sisyphean Rooftile Repair Kit Bungee Belaying System for your protection.   

       Place the wayward roof tile back in its appropriate location, and descend from the roof.   

       Repeat this process until all fallen tiles have been re-installed.
Canuck, Jan 05 2008

       I like the word 'Sisyphean'. Bread addition.   

       But, indestructium dosen't exist. Bonerific.   

       But, the word is great! Bread rush.   

       But, who would seriously buy this? Boneland.   

       However! The word is great! Bread of the class!   

       Ad infinitum. [+/-]
daseva, May 14 2008

       I like the "Bungee Belaying System" but not the meaningless work aspect of this.   

       //The C60, or graphite, underside // Why not a C4 underside? That way, nothing happens until the house is struck by lightning...   

       as a math prof once said to me, "Don't eat C4 and then get struck by lightning."
sninctown, May 16 2008

       [sninctown]. It is precisely the "meaningless work aspect of this" that is part of the Home, Sweat Home Project. The year started of with a [UB] resolution towards fitness and exercise. This was to be achieved by performing mudane chores under the duress created by the project's ideas. Shopping will never be the same, niether will watering the garden, amongst others. I encourage you to search "Home, Sweat Home" on the 'bakery for a full product list.
4whom, May 17 2008


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