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Rose arrives!

Third-generation halfbaker-to-be?
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My darling daughter gave birth on 6/6/2015 to a healthy, happy and beautiful baby girl, Rose Clare. All family members are delighted, if somewhat sleep-deprived. [Marked-for-expiry] Announcement.
csea, Jun 08 2015

Plush_20Half-Croissant [hippo, Jun 09 2015]


       Congratulations! May she live, long, and prosper.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 08 2015

       I'm a nonsmoker, but I'll light a fat cigar for a new Bakeling any day. Congratulations!
21 Quest, Jun 08 2015

       I'll be passing out chewing gum cigars to celebrate!
csea, Jun 08 2015

       one of the few proper uses of a vuvuzela. [+]
FlyingToaster, Jun 08 2015

       How old will Rose have to be before she can have crazy ideas that someone can comment on ?   

       (Adult attempting baby talk and failing miserably follows. )
popbottle, Jun 08 2015

       : ]   

       Congratulations! - a plush half-croissant baby toy for her! (see link)
hippo, Jun 09 2015

       [21Quest], can a cigar be used like an aromatic candle?
Vernon, Jun 09 2015

       Probably but what I meant was that I'll make an exception to my nonsmoking rule and actually smoke the damn thing for such a joyous occasion as this.
21 Quest, Jun 09 2015

       hearty congratulations to the family.
po, Jun 09 2015

       We should unite all our halfbakery progeny for a conference on the alternative uses of pacis, play-doh, and pudding pops, so they can conspire to take over the world together.
RayfordSteele, Jun 09 2015

       That, my friend, is an idea worth posting [+]
21 Quest, Jun 09 2015

       Being that you are one of the only bakers I've ever REALLY met, I feel like part of the family. So Happy grandbaby day. Yahhooo!
blissmiss, Jun 09 2015

       [hippo], I am the proud owner of a plush croissant from [half], traded for a FWI CD many years ago. Time to regift to the next generation!   

       [blissmiss], You are hereby an honorary great-aunt, as I get used to being a Granddad!]   

       Thanks to all for the good wishes!
csea, Jun 09 2015

       Was AFK for a few days, but belated congratulations.
MechE, Jun 11 2015

       Congratulations! Well done for naming her after a plant too. Always a good choice.
nineteenthly, Jun 11 2015

       Hey, if [bliss] is an honorary aunt, I'd like to be an honorary unclean.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 11 2015

       Wait, Auntieblissy wants to know if your daughter was actually a halfbaker, as you imply, or if she is just a baker by proxy. Curious. Don't lie to Auntie...she gets cranky when she's lied to.
blissmiss, Jun 11 2015

       [only if she finds out]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 11 2015

pertinax, Jun 12 2015

       //or if she is just a baker by proxy. Curious. Don't lie to Auntie...//   

       I cannot tell a lie (particularly well.) While my daughter has served as a sounding board for a few of my ideas, I can't claim that she has originated any that have been posted. I expect that this may be due to one of those genes that skips a generation.   

       //I'd like to be an honorary unclean.// Why ask, you already are for the whole of the Halfbakery!
csea, Jun 12 2015


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