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Seattle Halfcon?

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Going to be passing through Seattle on my way back to Spokane from Bellingham tomorrow. Any Bakers in the area?
21 Quest, Aug 05 2015

halfcons http://www.halfbake...bakery_3a_20Meeting
[po, Aug 05 2015]

Tiny Seattle [half]con Tiny_20Seattle_20_5bhalf_5dcon
[Worldgineer]'s idea from 2005 [hippo, Aug 06 2015]


       You're a west coaster? West coast is the best coast, am I right? Better than those east coasters with their pinky rings and butter mallets.   

       I'm from Norcal, home to Apple, the enemy camp to your Microsoft. Still, we can all come together and diss east coasters eh? What's their last high tech company? Edison Telephone and Telegraph? Harrumph.
doctorremulac3, Aug 05 2015

       Worldgineer, was a Seattleite.
blissmiss, Aug 05 2015

       {waves from an absurd distance, and late} [+]
pertinax, Aug 06 2015

       Well, it was a nice drive.
21 Quest, Aug 06 2015

       My brother lives there, and he said he saw you...but you were going to fast to throw anything at ya...(he drinks a lot).
blissmiss, Aug 06 2015

       Hahahahahahahaha... Tell him to learn to lead his target.
21 Quest, Aug 07 2015


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