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Rosetta Stone keyboard

Replica of the Rosetta Stone which works as a keyboard
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A replica of the Rosetta Stone. Pressing any of the characters on the stone is the same as typing the character. This would enable one to write in Greek, Egyptian demotic and Egyptian hieroglyphics, possibly with some letters missing in Greek and definitely most of the characters missing in the other two.
nineteenthly, Mar 12 2011


       An object unquestioned in it's power since Moses himself appeared disguised as a book.
rcarty, Mar 12 2011

       Google translate allows transliterate typing. The rosetta is only a translation.
pashute, Mar 12 2011

       "Wheatsheaf, eye, wiggly line, man in boat, feather, feather, thing with four legs and tail (possibly crocodile or leopard), sort of pointy thing- can't make it out- could be a tent, squashed. .. hedgehog? Are there hedgehogs in Egypt? Maybe an anteater, knife, croissant (or could be a crescent moon).
8th of 7, Mar 12 2011

       Yes, there are hedgehogs across the whole of North Africa, but a different species or race than in Northern Europe, but there are no anteaters because apart from the Eocene Eurotamandua, xenarthrans are entirely New World. However, yes, the flexibility vis a vis the non-alphabetic scripts would be very limited.   

       Another possibility would be to use the Javanese alphabet poem as a keyboard.
nineteenthly, Mar 13 2011

       Would it be as heavy as the actual stone?
ldischler, Mar 14 2011

       If IBM made it, yes.   

       If Apple made it, no, but after a few minutes use it would become too hot to touch.   

       And if Microsoft made it, then it would crash every ten minutes.
8th of 7, Mar 14 2011


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