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Segway keyboard

Forget our achille's tendons. Our carpel tunnels need more help.
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Instead of 108 keys, two spheres, placed as your hands curl above the key board.

The Segway Keyboard would interpret your slight finger motions before you make them, and type in the word for you.

Might make Quake a little harder to play, however.

Almafeta, Dec 08 2002

Virtual keyboard http://www.assembly...e-December+2002.htm
Detects finger motion [herilane, Oct 04 2004]

Minimal movement http://www.medword....nd/PersEdition.html
Hand-shaped "keyboard" requiring very little muscle work [herilane, Oct 04 2004]


       What's this have to do with the Segway? I guess the "interpreting slight movements" thing, but that seems like a stretch. You'd still have to move muscles; the Segway doesn't have any magic "figure out what you're going to do before you do it" technology, it just reacts to changes in balance.
egnor, Dec 08 2002

       Try virtual reality gloves, or something like that. Or the virtual keyboard (see link). Or the DataHand "keyboard" (other link).
herilane, Dec 09 2002

       [SteveD] Dasher is brilliant. Great fun, and functional too.
silverstormer, Jul 21 2003


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