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Second Keyboard

For all things like ñ, æ and ¥
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It’s a USB keyboard with blank keys. It comes with software allowing you to assign the keys to the unicode or ASCII characters of your choosing. It also comes with a sheet of little stickers in the shape of a keyboard that you put in your printer. After you have chosen the characters, the software prints them on the stickers, which you then stick on the keys.
AO, Jul 22 2003

Daisy-chain keyboard with removeable keycaps https://store.mgram...au/pdfs/PDS8922.PDF
Stupidly expensive, but just what you're looking for [goodie, Oct 04 2004]


       Wouldn't it be cheaper to just use the character map?
saker, Jul 22 2003

       The character map would be cheaper, but not as easy. And only a little cheaper since keyboards cost about $20.
AO, Jul 22 2003

       I would prefer a second keyboard with buttons for acronyms like "lol" or "brb" or "stfu"
DeathNinja, Jul 22 2003

       I think it's a good idea for who needs it.. An extra keyboard with words/combination that you like is very good.. Especially you can configure all the keys.. For example, while playing a game you hit certain keys only.. Let it be at some place that you can access easily.. When you talk in the chat board.. it's very easy too..Also it can monitor your house lighting easily.. with labels..............
artist, Jul 22 2003

       Logitech used to make something similar, with configurable keys as [artist] suggested, for gaming; but it's gone from their web-site now.   

       The stickers would come off. Use transparent keycaps, and put the labels underneath.   

       The software should have profiles, so that you could switch between multi-lingual word-processing and games setups.   

       Overall, +
sandfly, Jul 23 2003

       how about a keyboard with lcd display on every key. you could have pre-sets for your key board and just switch between them effortlessly , i'm sure gameing companies could do some intersting stuff with it too. keys could light up and change colour. cyber-refs could moniter gamers that way (to some extant). you could even download pre-sets.. and programs and games could change your keybard automatically... cool! i want one!!!
Gargamel, Jul 23 2003

       yeah, jutta's right. damnit.
Gargamel, Jul 24 2003

       Damn. My next idea was going to be a 5-legged dog that can run 25% faster than a regular dog.
AO, Jul 24 2003

       Somebody already did that one.
waugsqueke, Jul 24 2003

       the idea seems a bit complicated, but you get a + vote from me because i feel sorry for you for being a windows user (i assume)   

       i use a mac. i press the 'option' key and it works like a super shift, letting me accent letters and type odd characters.   

       like the cent symbol ¢   

       i've had Windows user friends tell me that they cant get the cent symbol no matter how hard they try. i just typed it while using very little extra finger/brain power. i tryed to tell a friend about how i can type ¥ in an instant message and they said that the character i sent didnt show up on their screen.   

       and its very simple you see. no odd number combinations to remember, just logic.   

       option + Y = ¥   

       option + R = ®   

       and so on.   

       but i digress. when i saw the title "second keyboard" i thought it was going to be like an idea i will soon implament but not post because its not that type of idea.   

       i am going to get letter stickers (very easy to get) and put them on a second keyboard in the DVORAK (hope i spelled that right) formation. so if i choose to switch to that style of keyboard in my software (built in to Mac OS X) i can have a keyboard that matches.
HalfwayHebrew, Jul 24 2003

       I'm a Windows user - ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢. Don't attribute to the OS what can be explained adequately by your friends' lack of knowledge.
waugsqueke, Jul 24 2003

       [jutta] It's easy to touch type when you type in only one language. I need to type in more then one language and find it really annoying when I, for example, switch to a swedish keyboard layout so I can get my å's etc but then have no clue where the \ has gone. So [Gargamel] I would love to buy one of your LCD keyboards. With the proviso that they were ridiculously cheap of course.
nichpo, Jul 25 2003

       You mean free.
DeathNinja, Jul 25 2003

       free would be nice
nichpo, Jul 25 2003

       [halfwayhebrew] - don't use stickers - just pull off and re-arrange the keys.
sandfly, Jul 25 2003


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