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Rotary dial PIN-entry ATM keypad

Mmm, warm bakelite...
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Chrome and bakelite ATM, with a chrome rotary dial to enter your PIN like on an old-fashioned phone.
hippo, Nov 16 2003


       A savvy criminal could place a listening device near the ATM and deduce your PIN from the length of time it takes for the rotary dial to spin, then they could steal your purse away from the prying eyes of the security camera and go on a you-sponsored buying spree.
Condiment, Nov 16 2003

       Go really retro and do away with the dial all together. Just an ear piece and a mouth piece and an operator named "Ethyl" on the other end.
phoenix, Nov 16 2003

       Good point, [dintlu] - I think some mechanism to randomise the simulated dial-spinback time might be needed.

[phoenix] Is that some clever chemistry pun?

I forgot to add - numbers will be displayed on those pop-up bits of metal (painted white, with black numerals) which you see on old cash registers.
hippo, Nov 17 2003

       Excellent add-on, Rods.
thumbwax, Nov 17 2003

       [hippo] I guess you could just say "Hi, Tess"
phoenix, Nov 17 2003


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