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Portable ATM

To be used by delivery boys everywhere
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Did you ever have one of those moments where you are just finished painting the living room and you are really hungry when all of a sudden you realize that you don't have any cash on you so calling the pizza boy is out of the question. Well, why not have some kind of direct payment device hooked up to a mobile phone and voila, no more running out to the ATM for cash to pay the delivery guy.
baron555, Sep 26 2002

Portable Credit-Card Machines http://www.credit-c...ipment.com/home.htm
Read the text, and Wow! Baked! [[ sctld ], Sep 26 2002]

Switch/Solo http://www.switch.co.uk/
Use with Credit Card machines as a debit card, use with ATM machines as a bank card [[ sctld ], Sep 26 2002]


       I think they call this 'direct payment device' of yours a 'debit' or 'credit' card. Yes, they are evil.
[ sctld ], Sep 26 2002

       What do the delivery girls use?
Mr Burns, Sep 26 2002

       Well yes, or course they are debit cards, but how would you be able to use your debit card if they didn't have a debit machine that they could bring to your door?   

       As for the delivery girls, they would definately be invited to use them too.
baron555, Sep 26 2002

       Then say that in the idea, instead of giving the impression that its ATm machines. And your 'real-life' senario is a little unswank.
[ sctld ], Sep 26 2002

       I don't generally have food delivered but I suspect that it wouldn't be too difficult for them to charge your card when you call in for the pizza. Don't know how to handle the tipping though. Probably wouldn't want to give a tip amount before knowing the quality of service/timeliness of delivery.
half, Sep 26 2002

       Well, it was intended to be more of an ATM type of thing, for people who would rather not put a pizza on a credit card.
baron555, Sep 26 2002

       You mean switch? Thats widely baked.   

       Or maybe you mean like an actual ATM, that could easily be stolen by the delivery mann's and broken into, not to mention the weight of lugging the great lummox of a machine around.
[ sctld ], Sep 26 2002

       No, not an actual machine that has cash in it, but one of those machines like they have in stores where they swipe your bank card and you type in your password, and it takes the money out of your bank account. No actual physical currency changes hands, but you have an alternate option to a credit card.
baron555, Sep 26 2002

       but most bank cards function as debit cards - and can be charged over the phone - same effect, none of the bother.
yamahito, Sep 26 2002

       Yes, its called Switch, or Solo, depending on which card you get, and can be used with the portable credit card machines.
[ sctld ], Sep 26 2002

       In that case I would definitely vote for you!
baron555, Sep 26 2002

       I recall seeing a program a few years ago about some one using their cell phone to buy a soda from a vending machine. you called a number listed on the machine and the amount of the purchase was billed to your cell phone account and the machine dispensed the item. It was being used in either sweden I think. As I recall that is the home of nokia.
ThunderBunny, Mar 27 2003

       The funk is dead, and so is this fish.
disbomber, Apr 06 2005


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