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Power Saving ATM

ATM's that shut off to conserve power and to save their displays.
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Most of the time anyone sees an ATM machine it displays ATM on the display and is always running at full power even when no one is using it. Why don't ATM machine manufactures make an ATM machine that has a pressure sensitive mat (for walk up and drive up) just in front of the machine so when people are not using the machine it will go into a low power mode using 75 percent less electricty to conserve power. The ATM machine will start back up when someone steps on the mat in front of the machine.

Advantages: Bank has reduced power bill, Bank has reduced ATM maintaince bill, The screen does not burn to (Burn to is when the idle display can still be seen even when the machine is turned off), ATM usage fees are reduced.

Disadvantages: ATM has to dial out if it is one of those one's that are free standing like at the convience stores the bank ones are directly connected to the banks database

All ATM's use at least 500 watts or more depending on the size, age, computer or monitor type. But think of all the ATM's that run 24 hours a day, idle, wasting electricty and money. That add's up to thousands of pounds of fuel burned to power these things.

jeffman, Jul 22 2003


       Not that I know much about them, but I wouldn't think that ATMs use that much power when they aren't being used. It's just a small screen, and maybe an LED or two. And a screen saver would take care of the image burning into the screen, seeing as that is what they are for.
notme, Jul 22 2003

       They use up a lot of computer AI power finding ways to screw up your account...
DeathNinja, Jul 22 2003

       ATM fees are bogus to begin with.   

       I think the reason this isn't done is that many people would assume the ATM was broken and make no attempt to "wake it up".   

       "All ATM's use at least 500 watts..."
Prove it.
phoenix, Jul 22 2003

       The huge televisions right above the ATM's, that are tuned to financial TV networks 24 hours a day, are much bigger energy wasters.
phundug, Jul 22 2003

       The ones with built-in hair dryers really eat a lot of juice.
waugsqueke, Jul 22 2003

       What if there was a motion sensor? Sure, it might activate when there was no need for it to do so, but a person who saw an ATM with no lights on and the screen blank, would probably assume that the machine is broken.   

       Another way it could save power could be to have the screen dim instead of turning off entirely. The top light could use LED lights or fluorescent, and remain on somewhat bright unless the machine is out of order.   

       One more way it could save energy is if it's out of service, it can just automatically shut down entirely, rather than displaying "SORRY OUT OF SERVICE" constantly. I would say that it would help against burn-in, but if the machine displays the out of service message so often/so long that it gets burned in, it's probably time for a new machine anyway! :)
Dickcheney6, Jun 25 2011

       I like this. If they all did it it wouldn't take the average person long to figure it out.
superjohn, Jun 27 2011

       I disagree. The average person is an idiot. I know I am.   

       An idiot, that is. I don't recall ever being referred to as 'average.'
Alterother, Jun 27 2011


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