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Rotating Caddy Toaster

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Sometimes pieces of bread are slightly too big to fit into a standard appliance, and end up having to be taken in and out to be toasted all over. This problem is solved by the Rotating Caddy Toaster.

As it's name suggests, the bread is placed between the folding grid of a removable caddy which engages on a simple cog wheel when dropped into the toaster, causing it to rotate in a vertical orientation.

This ensures that even if half the bread is clear of the effects of the heating elements, it will soon rotate and receive the desired browning.

note - Caddy comes with an optional "blank side" for those who prefer their toast done on one side only.

xenzag, Sep 13 2010

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       Where is this country where loaves of bread don't get smaller every year?   

       (+) This would be good for hamburger buns.   

       I was also thinking of longer pieces of baguette bread.
xenzag, Sep 13 2010

       Slightly bigger toaster?
Twizz, Sep 13 2010


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