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Rotating pivot swing

Round and round and back again....
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A large four legged solid frame with a body harness bucket seat with two pedals for your feet, attached to a pivot rod suspended from the middle upper bar.Two large clock coil springs attached at each end of the upper frame.

You sit strapped in what appears to be more of a barbers chair with two pedals below attached via a chain/crank drive, gear system to the pivot rod.On the armrests are a speed lever, a clutch lever and a brake lever. As you peddle, the pivot rotates the crank in turn rotating and winding up the right-hand clockwise spring.

Once the spring is fully wound hold the brake lever enabling the spring to lock.Hold the clutch which releases the pedals from the system, now release the brake.As the spring unwinds you are swung round and round ' up and over again and again, at what ever speed you selected at which the spring unwinds.

As this is happening the opposite anti-clockwise spring is being wound up as the opposite unwinds.When this spring is wound up, it is engaged sending you swinging up and over in reverse, the same process continues winding the opposite spring again.

Maybe useful for wanna be young astronauts.

skinflaps, Mar 19 2004


       Let me just pop this back to the top of recent. It appears to have been missed.   

       I'm picturing a normal swing, except using rods insead of chains and you can go all the way around. Add to that peddals, gears, and springs.
Worldgineer, Mar 22 2004

       Heath Robinson would be proud
scubadooper, Mar 22 2004

       I hope you're strapped in tight...I'd hate to see what happens when this thing creeps slowly past apex as it winds down.
Freefall, Mar 22 2004

       It has a single hanging rod with seat attached [Worldgineer], sorry [bliss] can't find my interweb pen to illustrate this, will try and google something.
skinflaps, Mar 23 2004


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