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Rover Rover

Canine independence on Martian soil.
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When we colonise Mars, I'm sure a lot of people will want to take their pets along.
Until the terraforming process is complete, walking on the Martian surface will require a spacesuit, but this probably won't deter some from wanting to take a stroll. It would follow then that some might want to take their dog for a walk.

The Rover Rover is a hemispherical glass dome containing an inclined, variable friction treadmill, and is hermetically mounted on continuous tracks.
The tracks are powered by a motor, which is electronically controlled by the speed achieved on the treadmill.

The variable friction treadmill is inclined slightly on its bearings so that when the dog starts to walk inside the dome, the belt of the treadmill moves backwards instead of the dog walking into the glass.

Resistance of the treadmill is finely controlled such that it would reduce as the dog picked up speed, allowing it to run as fast as it liked, but if it were to suddenly stop, it wouldn't fly into the rear glass, but come to a gradual stop in the centre of the dome.

The speed that the dog achieves on the treadmill would obviously determine the speed of the Rover Rover over the Martian landscape.

Some dogs could be trained to operate a robotic arm that can pick up sticks or rocks, and there would be an attachment for a leash.

shudderprose, May 22 2009

Playing the game Full_20length_20alliteration
Designed by famous car factory and you've got a Rover Rover Rover [theleopard, May 22 2009]

Dog space suit http://www.flickr.c...79441@N00/87472486/
Fine for orbit, no good for roving. [shudderprose, May 24 2009]


       Walkies with a walkie-talkie might give you "I'm out with Rover, in the Rover Rover Rover. Over."
shudderprose, May 23 2009

       Apropos theleopard's comment/link. The vehicle could fly if you gave it helicopter blades, but you would need to make sure that everyone knew when it was their turn to maintain it.

Obviously you wouldn't want this to become too onerous so you would have to restrict the number of days that each person was required to work on it (but that's more rhyming than alliteration).

A Rotor Rover Rover Rover rota quota.
DrBob, May 23 2009

       Having just learned that the ball on "The Prisoner"'s name was Rover, I figured this idea was to make a Martian Hamster ball for your dog and I think it's a better one. Just a good clear polycarbonate sphere inside which your dog or other pet could run around. You'd need to add an atmospheric backpack with waste capture, but seems very doable. Also you could just give them their own suit. NASA actually created a suit for a dog. I saw the picture.
MisterQED, May 23 2009


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