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Royal E-Mail

I like letters, but can't be bothered to actually post any myself
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In this new digital era of email and mobile phones, Royal Mail has been suffering. Their solution was to announce that they are going to provide a lesser service.

Now this might save them money in the short-term, but it really isn't a solution.

Like record companies, who are now having to re-assess how they sell music in order to adapt to the new era, Royal Mail must re-assess it's service to determine how best to work with, not against the email phenomena.

The problem they face is that email is so very convenient for the sender, who can now send electronic mail without leaving the comfort of their own home.

However, in RM's favour, receiving a new email will never have the same magical feeling as receiving a 'propper letter' through your door in the morning.

The solution would, therefore, need to combine electronic convenience for the sender, and real mail for the receiver.

So, email your letters to the Royal Mail. They will print them out, pop them in an envelope and hand deliver it your Mum (or whoever it's adressed to).

The service will be free, as with normal email, but will be funded through advertising on the RM website and email service, which, with this new service will be the most popular email provider available.

daaisy, Apr 04 2006

mail-it.com www_2email-it_2ecom
similar idea, still great!! [Asinine, Apr 05 2006]


       Royal Mail have been doing this as a business to business solution since the mid 90s. Many of the bills and bank statements mailed in the UK are printed by the Royal Mail. (That way they can sort them electronically into postal areas before printing, reducing the amount of physical sorting required).   

       They did some trials to move this to the consumer market but I don't know if any of these made past the pilot stage.
st3f, Apr 04 2006

       I suggested something similar to them ages ago. They ignored me. Bun
Dub, Apr 04 2006

       For a little extra a Royal Scribe will imitate your handwriting from a sample kept on file.
Eugene, Apr 04 2006

       You handwrite your letter, scan it and e-mail it to the Royal Mail. They print the image and then deliver it to [boysparks]' mam.   

       Alternatively, you can handwrite your letter and mail it to the Royal Mail. They then scan, print and deliver it to [boysparks]' mam.
methinksnot, Apr 04 2006

       [+] - Because then people could actually read the letters I write.
wagster, Apr 05 2006


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