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Royal Flush

The worlds first slot machine toilet combo
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Great for the compulsive gambler in all of us! The Royal flush is a toilet, but unlike ordinary commodes the lever is slightly longer. When you finish the business the dual acting lever flushes the toilet and start the slot machine spinning. The numbers whirl around as the water does and low and behold a ROYAL FLUSH! BAR BAR BAR. the siren goes off and an entire reel of toilet paper is dispensed.

This could work in public bathrooms where a coin is needed to play and the money is used to fix up the bathroom (as you see in some countries like Germany)

Or it could be used to dispense toilet paper. Or just for fun to spruce up the worlds oldest activity.

metarinka, Nov 27 2010


       I think eating is the oldest...
Voice, Nov 27 2010

       Planetary accretion came before plate tectonics. However, the Tea Party's political outlook predates planetary accretion by many billions of your Earth years.   

       As to the idea, [+]. but you need to make the user deposit their coin before they deposit their load, otherwise they could just walk off (admittedly somewhat cautiously) without paying.
8th of 7, Nov 28 2010

       you could just make the machine doll out toilet paper as a reward that would disscourage all but the sickest individuals from using the royal flush without pay.
metarinka, Dec 07 2010


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