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skull potty

a skull shaped toilet
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It's pretty self explanatory, I think.
jaksplat, Dec 10 2006

(?) Said it before and I'll say it again, accessorizing is everything. http://www.shaddowdomain.com/toilet.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 11 2006]

Dali and Halsman http://kisrael.com/...cgi?date=2001.10.26
[normzone, Dec 11 2006]


       As long as it looks like a giant throne of skulls, awesome.
notmarkflynn, Dec 10 2006

       Too little, too late. Phillipe Halsman and Salvador Dali have done the skull , and we'd all be challenged to top it.   

       This image is in my file of "Images I wish I'd made".
normzone, Dec 11 2006

       I suppose the only way to flush it would be to turn the lights off and say "Bloody Mary" three times...?
Abusementpark, Dec 11 2006

       <Acid House> "Shite in ma mout'! </AH>
m_Al_com, Dec 11 2006

       Re [2 fries]'s link: My wife has one of those (she collects skulls).
angel, Dec 11 2006


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