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Sell Ventolin To Injecting Drug Users

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(_!_) As well as making life easier for limp-lunged asthmatics, Ventolin makes your heart beat faster and your veins rise, so that they become more visible under the skin.

Therefore, acquire a large quantity of ventolin inhalers, possibly by breaking into schools and raiding the desks of teachers, and sell them to junkies along with their usual fix.

calum, Jun 03 2005

Salbutamol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ventolin
[calum, Jun 03 2005]

Other Options http://www.chclibra...romed/00070010.html
Same result [blissmiss, Jun 06 2005]


       haven't been to donate blood in quite a while, but would ventolin help them find my blood vessels instead of the usual half hour poking and bruising session I usually endure?
po, Jun 03 2005

       Sounds like it, [po]. I could do with this, too - last time I was in hospital getting an injection, I got a big row from the nurse for having "useless veins". Her manner was accusatory; it was as if she thought I'd hidden them away deliberately, just to make her life difficult.   

       So a + for the idea of using it to help us poor souls with our jabs, but not for aiding junkies.
salachair, Jun 03 2005

       Similar symptoms can be achieved (i.e.increased heart rate, throbbing veins) by setting a large and ferocious dog on them after you sell them their drugs. This involves less risk to you and may even allow you to recover the 'goods' if the dog proves to be either too ferocious or the drug-addict too emaciated and feeble to defend themselves.
DrBob, Jun 03 2005

       //Ventolin makes your heart beat faster//   

       So does cocaine. I wouldn't want to be on the end of that needle after a Ventolin dose.
disbomber, Jun 03 2005

       It’s not likely a junkie would use drug money for this, especially since they may be a better than average phlebotemist.
Shz, Jun 03 2005

       You're aware that Ventolin is also addictive?
angel, Jun 04 2005

       //You're aware that Ventolin is also addictive?//Is it? My maximum-therapy better half maintains that it is not and a certain amount of googling seems to suggest that there is debate as to whether it is, much of it resting on the definition of "addiction."   

       If ventolin *is* addictive, then so much the better for this scheme. The inhalers are the lock that keep freemarketeer junkies from forgetting where their loyalties should lie.
calum, Jun 06 2005

       //My maximum-therapy better half maintains that it is not and a certain amount of googling seems to suggest that there is debate as to whether it is, much of it resting on the definition of "addiction."//
My once-asthmatic wife maintains that it is, but, as you say, much depends on definition. Ventolin use does not cure the illness, it temporarily alleviates the symptoms, simultaneously obliging the sufferer to continue its use. It's off-topic here, but there's a regime which my wife found to be life-changing; e-mail me for details if you're interested.
I'm not commenting on the actual idea; as is often the case with your ideas, I'm not fully certain how far your tongue is poked into your cheek.
angel, Jun 06 2005

       Wouldn't any Vasodilators perform the same function? Many without the rapid heart rate issue. There are many to chose from, some even free and found in food, or other substances. (And angel, I would guess his tongue is so far embedded in his cheeck, we won't be seeeing it wag, until Christmas).   

       Do we really want junkies having easier access? I kinda enjoy the between the toe, and/or behind the knee, acrobatic effect.
blissmiss, Jun 06 2005


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