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smoke hat

never skulk outside having a fag EVER again
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This is for people like me who smoke, but work / live in a smoke-free environment. I'm in Utrecht right now, it's -5 outside, and I have to shiver my tits off on a 6th floor balcony to smoke a fag. All because the flat we're borrowing is smoke-free, and I'm nice people.

The Smoke Hat ends such rubbishness. It consists of a circular frame that sits on your head, connected to a dome-shaped frame (a head-mounted umbrella) made of smoke-absorbent material, with a clear plastic window in the front. Put it on, puff away (directing smoke upwards into the hat) and presto ! No nasty niffs on curtains, sofas and other permeables.

bumhat, Jan 26 2006

Sports Helmet Smokeless Ashtray https://www.securew...elmet.html&cart_id=
you can't wear it...yet! [Cube, Jan 26 2006]


       The plastic window is so your friends can see your expression of detached gallic self-destructive pourquoi-non cool as you exhale.
bumhat, Jan 26 2006

       [+]I smoke and would like this. I do have a smokeless ashtray, but the fan is loud and the ashes contaminate the motor. I would like a feature so I could blow the smoke in someones face if they still complained about my puffing.
Cube, Jan 26 2006

       //it's -5 outside, and I have to shiver my tits off on a 6th floor balcony to smoke a fag// If an addiction's worth having, it's worth suffering for. [-]
coprocephalous, Jan 26 2006

       Hmmm. I like to smoke sometimes, it's most enjoyable. I also sympathise with your hatred of going outside in sub-zero conditions to smoke (and I don't smoke in the house either). The problem is that I don't really like smoking with a bizarre contraption on my head (well, not after the novelty has worn off). In short, when it's sunny and summery and you're sitting outside a cafe, have a smoke. If it's winter and you're cosied up inside, have a hot chocolate instead.
wagster, Jan 26 2006


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