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Table of elementals

...with wicca chairs
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Yes now you too can own a table of elementals.
The four round, double insulated, glass legs of each hand crafted piece contain a swirling vortex. Individual cyclones of fire, water, air, and earth which overflow their confines to race along the underside of the segmented, double glass table top to frolic 'neath your dinner settings.
The Wicca chairs are the ultimate in comfort and have even received the following endorsement from the President, (then governor), of the United States.

Governor Bush:

Bush scratches his head and thinks a moment. "Why yes sir, I do. I like Wicca. It's good furniture. My daddy had a wicca chair when I was a boy, and you better believe that it was the most comfortable chair in the house. I wish I had a wicca chair now. All the chairs in this office are too had and uncomfortable. George Washington and Abe Lincoln had wicca furniture. Wicca is an American institution, and anyone who's against wicca, is against the American way of life."


Dubya on Wicca. http://www.wintersc...ion/bushonwicca.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 15 2005]


       I don't see why you've brought Bush into this, since the linked conversation is imaginary.
ldischler, Oct 15 2005

       Funny idea [+] with unneccessary plagiarised bit at the end [-].
wagster, Oct 15 2005

       Well I get it - Brilliant ++ and I'm ordering one right now - "Oh I get by wicca little help from my friends" with apologies to Joe Cocker.
xenzag, Oct 15 2005


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