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Rubik's Wrapping

Contemplate your gifts.
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When I was little, I recall on several occasions finding one present (usually the best) that had been wrapped by my parents in up to several layers of packaging, and stuffed chock full of those styrofoam peanuts, newspaper, and any other number of oddities. Usually the gift itself was something very small but valuable, and I think the little bit of work I had to put into getting it was meant to make me appreciate it more.

Either that or my parents had sadistic senses of humor. At any rate, I rather like the idea of unorthodox gift wrapping. I suggest, therefore, that different/more original methods of covering be used, some of them more on a 'prank' basis than others; boxes which can only be opened after a puzzle integrated into their design have been solved. Super-elastic or super-strong wrapping. A 'sphnyx package' which requires the correct answer to a riddle before it will open (suggestions on how to implement this are welcome). It has nothing to do with being a puzzle, but I like the idea of glow-in-the-dark packaging under a Christmas tree, too.
Pseudonym #3, Dec 09 2003

The Lament Configuration
How about this ? [8th of 7, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       When I read the title it made me think of those, slide one square of the grid to descramble a picture, things. It would be very frustrating to have to complete a picture of what's in the box before the box would open. (+)   

       I once loaned a tent to a friend. On returning it he remarked that he had left a small gift for me inside it. I carefully unpacked it (which took some time what with the integrated plastic groundsheet, the flysheet, the peg bags, metal poles and carrying sack etc). Needless to say he was joking and there was no gift. Needless to say I never lent him my tent again. But if there had been a gift, it would have been enhanced by the lengthy unwrapping so you get a bun.
dobtabulous, Dec 10 2003

       I'm bunning this ONLY because it sounds like something I'd do for someone else's gift ... however, if I EVER happened to get a gift wrapped like this, there would be HELL to pay ... and no thank you card.   

       Nice blog, by the way
Letsbuildafort, Dec 10 2003

       No 3 son giftwrapped a prezzie for me in what looked like a box of teabags complete with cellophane wrapping.
po, Dec 10 2003

       Wrap the present in a locked safe, destroy the key, and give the recipient a bent piece of wire to open it with.
kropotkin, Dec 10 2003

       Funny, I saw something along these lines just the other day at Wizards of the Coast ( a game and puzzle chain store ). It was a clear plastic box about an inch larger than a dollar bill in all dimensions. It was designed to hold money so that the recipient could see it, but only open after completing the puzzle. The puzzle involved tipping and turning the box to direct a ball bearing through a maze of passages to get it to the final position where it would allow the box to open.   

       So some might say this is already baked, but I'd like to see it more widely baked in more different forms. +
scad mientist, Dec 10 2003

       Oh, "sphynx package." I thought you said something else. *cough*
k_sra, Dec 10 2003

       Did you ever see that French film, "Mary" that catholics protested? There was a scene where a blindfolded man was working a Rubik's cube puzzle. A woman was standing behind him and said "Yes" every time he made a correct move. As he came closer and closer to the solution, her yesses became more passionate and orgasmic, until the scene reached its dramatic climax.
mystic2311, Dec 10 2003

       I think Catholics are generally opposed to all French cinema. No surprise there.
k_sra, Dec 11 2003

       This sounds a lot like a Japaneses puzzle box (sometimes called a "Chinese puzzle box").
talldave, Mar 28 2004


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