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Or "VelcBow". Or not.
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People frequently recycle (or try to recycle) gift bows. This is inhibited by the common self-adhesive bow, when the adhesive pad does its job and holds on tightly. One can get the bow, but is stuck taping it to the next present. The problem is exacerbated by more exotic bows that don't have flat bottoms.

The idea is to sell bow packages, where the bow has a Velcro base (hooks, say) that attaches to a self-adhesive Velcro pad (loops, say). The bow can be recycled by purchasing packages of just the self-adhesive pads (loops), and extant bows can be made compatible with similar kits of pads (with hooks) for the bows.

(I only mention polarity of the hooks and loops, because having the hooks on the bow will let it be attached to other fabrics. Sorry, foreheads are out.)

phoenix, Dec 24 2007


       I dunno. I never had any problem detaching bows from their original sticky backs. Sometimes even when trying to affix them the first time around.   

       Perhaps you're just using the wrong brand?
DrCurry, Dec 24 2007

       // foreheads are out //   

       Some here are proud of their receeding foreheads, eyebrow ridges you can rest a spoon on, and prognathic jaws......
8th of 7, Dec 24 2007

       Nice idea, although how difficult it is to peel off in the first place is debateable - I certainly don't have a prob with them. Still, I like the idea of exploring another route to make people think about recycling things
NumboJumbo, Dec 26 2007

       I thought I had a "Google Whack" with the phrase "extant bows", but alas. 13 matches.
phundug, Dec 26 2007


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