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Saran Wrap Christmas Wrap

saran wrap christmas wrap
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I cant wrap presents - to the point that family and friends make fun. I think it would be great to have saran wrap that looks exactly like the christmas wrapping paper you can buy by the roll...this would be perfect for non-wrappers like me or for large or odd shaped gifts.....
Bean2d2, Jul 28 2009

Plastic Wrap http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plastic_wrap
Generic for Low-density Polyethylene (LDPE) [csea, Jul 28 2009]

I still prefer the wax version and category Christmas_20Wax_20Wrap
[po, Jul 29 2009]


       I think this is the best idea I've read in a long time, if it's not already baked. It certainly should be.   

       You may want to add a "plastic wrap" option, for those more inclined to generic. Just a thought. I think Saran Wrap is a brand name. Not 100% sure.
blissmiss, Jul 28 2009

       I'm one of those who likes to wrap in aluminum foil, newspaper (Sunday comics are best), brown paper bags, etc. This would be fun (resists linking to shrink wrap bondage site).
normzone, Jul 28 2009

       So, opaque plastic wrap? With cute penguins ice skating?   

       That would definitely look better than a bajillion layers of translucent, colored plastic wrap (my old solution) +
ryokan, Jul 28 2009

       Don't forget to vote ;-)
blissmiss, Jul 28 2009

       the perils of 1/2 baking at work. . .
ryokan, Jul 28 2009

       Great idea. Bake it. Boom. It works. Green and red, some stars and stuff. Maybe like on those hand-held rolls of stretch wrap that's used as tie-rope in warehouses, etc. You could have narrow strips for ribbon-like accents. Bun.
JackyD, Jul 29 2009

       Nerve gas present wrapping?   

       Oh! /Saran/ - sorry, my bad.
coprocephalous, Jul 29 2009


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