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Ruled paper

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Each sheet of loose-leaf paper would have at least one edge marked off in centimeters (and slightly thicker to prevent tearing). Since random pieces of paper are frequently the only straight edge in arm's reach, this would increase their usefulness by making them the nearest ruler, too. If done properly, the ruler edge wouldn't be obtrusive, and only noticeable when you needed it.

I imagine high school science students would find this most useful. To keep them on their toes and reduce production costs, why not make it a Golomb Ruler? Although, this doesn't make measuring fractional distances very practical.

(On that note, is there a difference between a Golomb Ruler and a Perfect Ruler?)

rgovostes, Jun 09 2006

Golomb Ruler http://mathworld.wo...om/GolombRuler.html
A ruler with the minimal amount of marks such that any integer length in a range can be measured. [rgovostes, Jun 09 2006]


       this would be utilized for binder paper right? i don't see it as a good thing on your nice shiny twenty page typed report.
tcarson, Jun 09 2006

       All Perfect Rulers are Golomb Rulers. Not all Golomb Rulers are Perfect Rulers. All Perfect Rulers and Golomb Rulers are useless in the real world.
jhomrighaus, Jun 09 2006


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