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Run-Amok Movie Parks

Calling all indecisive Ebert wannabes...
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Name changed from "Movie-hopper's Delight" FYI as I can't get the name quite right.

Ah, Friday Night At The Movies... it's good and all, but movie theaters are soooo boring. Seats, screen, strange lighting fixtures on the walls... and movie-hopping is strictly prohibited, in theory.

So imagine if you could go to a park and pay, say, 30 dollars or pounds to get into a park where you have unlimited reign over the movies inside it. Movies are shown in appropriately themed theaters, like a futuristic theater for sci-fi, a haunted-type house for horror, a fancy classic-style theater for dramas, a quainter model for romantic schtuff... the list goes on and on. If necessary, the theaters are outfitted with motionmakers and equipment to simulate vibrations in the floor, as well as the latest 3D sound equipment. Also a drive-in-styled theater where all the seats are in cars, and a few motion theaters and IMAX films and the like.

For fans of independent filmmaking, there will be an area where indies are showcased. This way people can try something a little different. Of course, the requisite dinner joints will be both nearby and inside the park, for the convenience of its guests. Open 3 pm to 2 am daily. As this is a family establishment, pornography will be limited to a cordoned-off, over-21 sector of the park.

The Lite version of this would be a regular multiplex set up so that there are different themed theaters within, with the aforementioned improvements and the ability to movie-hop built in.

polartomato, Jul 27 2002


       I was going to post one about an inside, drive-in theater, but you've thought through the whole concept. In mine, viewers could sit two each in a small, slow electric convertibles and drive to a preferred spot via a cafe. The floor could have ridges or the cars could raise their fronts hydraulically on a level floor for the best viewing angle.
FarmerJohn, Jul 27 2002

       Farmerjohn: I love that idea; it's a far more extensive one than the half of a sentence I included as part of this idea... hmm... bumper car drive-ins occur to me now... there is a restaurant in Disney World that is like a Drive-In.   

       UB: Awww come on, it's almost always more fun to go out to the movies than to sit at home. No matter how good your home system is, the screen is always bigger and better when you go out. And besides, can you really afford to have several first-runs running at the same time? And is your home themed and set to vibrate on cue? (OK, perhaps you could arrange to have a Jumbo Jet fly overhead at strategic moments)
polartomato, Jul 28 2002

       There used to be a yearly event in the UK called "National Cinema Day" when all entry to any film cost £1. It was ace but I was unable to watch more than 3 films due to the bum numbing effect of sitting down for 6 hours. While I'm sure that there are people who can watch more than 3 films in a day (Star Wars geeks I'm guessing), they are in the minority. So £/$30 is a bit steep, especially as you're not going to be able to see the decor in the dark.   

       However, I can see this idea going down well with Rocky Horror/Sound of Music singalong type screenings.
calum, Jul 28 2002


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