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True entertainment

you choose what you want to watch
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I love to watch action scenes on a big screen. that's one reason I go to a movie hall than watching it from home. But sad part is I have to sit through lot of boring stuff for most of the time, just waiting for the action parts to roll on screen.

solution: movie hall owner lets the users choose the action clips they would like to watch from various movies. As a user you get to select your choice of movies and scenes from it. All the users do this. And the movie hall owner shortlists 'most selected' clippings and screening will be on a specific day. I get to enjoy the show :)

ravi kris334, Jul 04 2013

No talking action film http://www.youtube....watch?v=pTnuJo8_D4Y
[not_morrison_rm, Jul 07 2013]


       Is "from home" in this idea text a hyper link pop-up for anyone else?   

       No. You probably have some sort of browser highjacking “toolbar” installed.
ytk, Jul 05 2013

       Just go see a Transformers movie, or any new action movie. You won't have to sit through any boring "content".
DIYMatt, Jul 05 2013

       Transformers - this again is good action entertainer, but we still have 25% talking in it
ravi kris334, Jul 07 2013

       No talking (in a manner of speaking) action film.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 07 2013


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