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Small Chair Light

To indicate occupancy
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Movie halls should have little lights on seats (like the ones on the side of steps). This way a girl trying to hold a seat for her boyfriend doesn't have to explain 15 times that the seat is taken... she simply pushes a switch on the adjacent seat and the light on top of the chair glows to indicate occupancy. The light also helps guide the boyfriend. Once the boyfriend arrives he turns the light off and everyone enjoys Hancock..... a little.
nomadic_wonderer, Jul 14 2008


       Ah - but this system, with a simple switch, could be abused to give false positives.   

       What about a barcode on your ticket stub that you could swipe on the armrest? This way you could only reserve one seat per stub.
Jinbish, Jul 14 2008

       Why not just get to the movie on time, together and do away with all the post-dark shufflings and stumblings?   

       For the idea you need to be sure to build in a control so that the lights can't be lit (and annoying) once the movie has started. Unless you're condoning and encouraging post-dark shufflings and stumblings.
Noexit, Jul 15 2008

       Movie hall... how quaint.   

       [Noexit] These days I've found many theaters to show movies with the lights on; this way theater employees can walk around and quickly glance about the room for video recorders and digital cameras.   

       A little LED light on a seat is nothing compared to the spotlights shining down on you from the ceiling.   

       Don't forget -- you could be a pirate.
mylodon, Jul 16 2008

       //Don't forget -- you could be a pirate//
But they would've weeded them out before they made it into the auditorium by virtue of their cutlasses, flintlock pistols and outlandish dress-sense.
coprocephalous, Jul 16 2008

       Nonsense. Everyone knows that pirates enter the movie hall by swinging from the rigging!   

       A-Harr me hearties!
Jinbish, Jul 16 2008

       I have seen some pirates slide down the screen using the good ol' "knife through the sail" trick. Thank goodness we were watching "The Horse Whisperer", so the torn screen made no real difference.
4whom, Jul 16 2008

       //A little LED light on a seat is nothing compared to the spotlights shining down on you from the ceiling//   

       It's funny, every time I go to the movie I cry about the lack of dark. You're right, the LED, if properly angled so it's not right in the eyes, wouldn't add a thing to the overheads, Exit signs (my least favorite), cell phones, glow shoes and whatever else.
Noexit, Jul 17 2008


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