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Run For Your Life Therapy

This is Stripes, he'll be your motivational tiger today. (Inspired by Ian Tindale's Comfort Gator idea)
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Suffering from depression? Feel like life isn't worth living? Welcome and thank you for volunteering for abject horror therapy. RELEASE THE TIGERS!

The patients would have a reasonable head start to reach their safety escape doors but they'd have to move. If they were to slip or otherwise not reach safety in time, handlers would try their best to save the patient but granted, this would be extremely dangerous.

Now here's how it would work. That feeling you had a second ago, where the animal part of your brain took over and said "LIVE!", embrace that, feel it. Let it sink in. Get in touch with the thrill of life, that animal instinct to survive.

Maybe this would get the person in touch with something they're missing, feeling the thrill of wanting to live.

Again, obviously this would all be very voluntary on the part of the patients.

doctorremulac3, Mar 13 2018

Fast_20motorbike_20school [hippo, Mar 14 2018]

Healthcare-subsidized Motorcycles Subsidized_20GPS_2f...20for_20Motorcycles
[bs0u0155, Mar 14 2018]


       <wonders how fast 8th of 7 runs...>
RayfordSteele, Mar 13 2018

       It's a Darwin-win situation.   

       The same effect can be achieved by buying a motorcycle. In theory, they should be cheaper on upkeep than a Tiger. That would have worked out in practice had some clot avoided the ethanol contaminated fuel idea. Right now I'd rather be sourcing wild pig/unlucky villager meat than contemplating 4 carb rebuilds synchronization and front brakes. Why do front brakes on a loud bicycle cost more than my first car? Maybe if I can get an "insufficient risk syndrome" diagnosis I can claim it as a medical expense?
bs0u0155, Mar 14 2018

       //The same effect can be achieved by buying a motorcycle// - see link
hippo, Mar 14 2018

       Oddly enough, something not completely unlike this might work, to an extent, on some depressives, sometimes. It would probably _not_ work for people with the severest depression: not only might they just not want to escape, but they might be physically incapable of it - severe depression causes muscle weakness and other physical symptoms, as well as psychological ones.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 14 2018

       //- see link//   

       Combine with -see link*   

       *careful dyslexics, this is not about bolting anything to a ferry.
bs0u0155, Mar 14 2018

       Nor does it have anything to do with colored writing liquid derived from phoca vitulinae.
RayfordSteele, Mar 14 2018

       //not only might they just not want to escape, but they might be physically incapable of it//   

       I was wondering if a less dangerous and more plausible version of this therapy might work. Virtual reality roller coaster or something.   

       Maybe some kind of self preservation activating thing like pushing a sequence of buttons trying to avoid a painful but harmless shock for instance.   

       You know that game where somebody puts their palms down on your upwards facing palms and you try to slap the top of their hands while they try to pull them away? Maybe something like that where you're very tense and needing catlike reflexes to avoid the mild punishment. I'd be interested to see if doing exercises like this for an hour might release endorphins or dopamine or something that could be beneficial.   

       Maybe it might even do some brain re-wiring. I thought I heard somewhere that anti depressants sometimes teach a person how to feel better. Maybe this is a more natural way to experience the thrill of wanting to protect yourself and having that feeling be remembered for other areas of the person's day to day activities.
doctorremulac3, Mar 14 2018


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