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Self evident ADHD self-assessment questionaire

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Design requirements:

- Online
- One page at a time
- Actual content does not matter as long as it includes tedious instructions
- No indication of progress (are you 1% done? or just one more page left?)
- Boring

If you stop at 1st page you probably have ADHD.
If you get to the end you probably don't
If you stop somewhere in the middle you are borderline

ixnaum, Jun 09 2022


       I like the idea, would the questionaire have instructions? Ooh! Squirrel! [+]
doctorremulac3, Jun 09 2022

       The instructions read as follows: "Welcome to the Self-evident ADHD Self-assessment Questionnaire. First, please read the entire entire entire entire entire entire entré. Entire entire entré entré, entré entire, et entré entire entire entré aussi, maintenant. Alons-y!"   

       If you seen nothing wrong with this, you likely did not read past 'First, please read'; you have ADHD.   

       *Note the clever way the correct spelling of 'questionnaire' was incorporated in this comment. 'Twas hard to resist the near-requisite "sp."
Sgt Teacup, Jun 10 2022

       "Hello and thank you for watching the video instructions for our ADHD test, please be sure to like and subscribe for further tests, I'm Doctorremulac3 and I'll be administering your test today, it's fairly straightforward, you'll be given a series of tests that you'll review as best you can. Don't worry about spelling, punctuation or grammar, simply do the best you can. At the end of the test, you'll be graded on how advanced your ADHD is, if you have for instance, a 20 percent result, this is indicative of ADHD, you'll have a higher chance of having ADHD, if however you were to get 80 percent result this is indicative of ADHD being less likely you'd have a much higher probability of not having ADHD. ADHD tests are a good way of gauging this and we're glad you came to take the test today. Please be sure to let others know about our service and if you're pleased with the results, feel free to write a review on our web page or even post links to our site on any social media you or friends or family might frequent. Your assistance in this manner helps ups get the word out and let others know about ADHD, how to test for ADHD and how to let others know how to test for ADHD. A bit of legal disclaimer, the results in no way are indicative of or suggesting any course of treatment, either psychological or medical, and we are in no way liable for any misdiagnosis of your condition or resultant physical, psychological or financial issues resulting from any course of treatment you might encounter after taking this test which is now done. You don't have ADHD unless you skipped to the end to read this sentence. In that case check what percentage of this you read before skipping to the end."
doctorremulac3, Jun 10 2022

       My better half being something of a professional in this area, would point out that a popular ADHD assessment form is already a 13 page long torture test.   

       The idea doesn't really pick up on any of the subtleties of ADHD, which is really a poorly named cluster of undefined brain chemistry problems. For example, a fairly typical ADHD response to the posted questionaire(sic) would be to put a load of laundry on, and then very carefully complete the whole thing, possibly while googling any tricky sections*, before forgetting about the laundry and having to re-wash it the next day.   

       *leaving the browser tab open for later reference that won't happen
bs0u0155, Jun 10 2022

       At fifty three... do I really want to know all of the labels I would have been saddled with had those labels been available back then?   

       I'm not so sure.
I'm just 'me' now.

       If you read to the end, you have OCD.
RayfordSteele, Jun 11 2022

       I skipped to the end of the idea.
pashute, Jun 11 2022

       I skipped the idea and just looked at the comments
pocmloc, Jun 12 2022

Voice, Jun 12 2022

       A paper I read just this morning mentioned using questionnaires that included "attention checks" -- questions that only existed to see whether the test-takers were paying attentions and could follow simple instructions, rather than blindly reacting to the overall shape of the question. Apparently this is just a thing people who design questionnaires commonly do.   


       Below is a list of leisure activities. If you are reading this, please choose the “other” box below and type in ‘I read the instructions’.   

       [ ] Biking
[ ] Reading
[ ] Other: ______________

       A to me surprisingly large number of respondents _failed_ those attention tests; in one case, 34%. (The scores of the people who failed didn't otherwise diverge much from the average scores, so they were not excluded.)
jutta, Jun 14 2022

       Reminds me of a dirty trick test they did in school where they gave you a list of things to do like standing up and spinning around, tapping your toes, basically a bunch of embarrassing stuff. Some of the students just sat there with smug little grins on their face. The rest of us figured out why when we got to the last instruction which was "20: Now ignore all the previous instructions and just sit there."   

       Supposedly the leasson was to read all the instructions before doing what they say, but I took the lesson to be: "Never follow instructions from teachers." I applied it for the rest of my schoolastic career, which ended at about the 7th grade. Quit school and began starting businesses instead of playing bullshit school games. Never looked back.   

       I give a lot of credit to that test.
doctorremulac3, Jun 14 2022

       When I took that test I differentiated between reading and processing. Also the teacher said "as fast as you can". So in the interest of speed I read, but did not process, the instructions. The results annoyed me tremendously.
Voice, Jun 14 2022

       This is what I would have put in "other":   

       "Below is a list of leisure activities. If you are reading this, please choose the “other” box below and type in ‘I read the instructions’.   

       [ ] Biking
[ ] Reading
[ ] Other: Dear creator of this test, although it can be argued that a "list" should contain more than two items, having something in the same format as the other items on the list that is not in any way related to the previous items disqualifies this from being a list of the specified items. For instance, "Below is a list of pastries" is rendered to be a false statement when the "list" consists of "1- Donut, 2- Cupcake 3- Elephant". Justifying this false list by adding "Read this list of pastries and then slap yourself in the face." doesn't in any way take away from the fact that it is a flawed list, and therefore part of a flawed set of instructions. As the instructions are flawed, I will not follow them. Neither will I succumb to trickery or deceit in any other area of my education.
doctorremulac3, Jun 14 2022

       //I applied it for the rest of my schoolastic career,...   

       ..Never looked back.//   

       Having done ALL of the education, the trickery continues, or at least it's a rigged game. The whole system needs a re- think. I'm in lab space stacked to the ceiling with stuff because floor area is so expensive. Why is floor area so expensive? Because the university is in the middle of a city. Why is research in the middle of a city when we could be in a cheap warehouse with parking? The answer, I think, is because that's where the information was kept, the library.   

       Universities are keepers of knowledge, and charge for access to that. Teaching is largely just curated knowledge access. Not entirely unlike the Church with pre-printing press bibles. Only the jig is up. You can read journal articles on the toilet flying sideways at 500mph on your way to Denver, for some reason, Denver is often involved.
bs0u0155, Jun 15 2022

       That last sentence is damn near poetry.
doctorremulac3, Jun 15 2022





       Skipping things +
xandram, Jun 15 2022


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