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Yoghurt pot holder

Frees one hand whilst eating yoghurt. Enables multitasking.
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I like reading when I eat. I know it's kind of rude, but I only ever do it in private, or when mrs.fearoffours gives me permission.

Well, just last night I was tucked up cosy in bed, and trying to read my trashy novel, which was definitely not staying flat, and discovered that because I needed one hand to hold the yogurt, and one hand to hold the spoon, I had no hand to hold the book.

If we had a kind of neck brace, with an extendable yogurt-pot holder (just like a small version of the drinks holders you find in motor-vehicles/cinema seats) we could free a hand to hold open your book. Of course, you could use this for doing other things too, like dusting and eating a yogurt, making a phone call and eating a yoghurt, all sorts of things!

fearoffours, Feb 28 2002

Personal cup holder http://www.workshop...MPLETE/cuphold2.htm
[MadStork, Feb 28 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Yoplait Exprèsse http://www.generalm.../expresse/index.asp
Eat this. One handed yogurt, leaving the other hand free to... well, to whatever. [waugsqueke, Feb 28 2002]

'Go-Gurt - The "Grab-n-Go" Yogurt!' http://www.generalm...oplait/fp/index.asp
More one-handed yogurt. [StarChaser, Feb 28 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Drink your yogurt http://www.yop.tm.fr/
Or you can shake your yogurt up until it liquifies [snarfyguy, Mar 01 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Somewhat baked...Link provided.
MadStork, Feb 28 2002

       Don't forget the gimbals! Don't forget the gimbals!
phoenix, Feb 28 2002

       you could buy a parrot and train it to sit on your shoulder and hold the pot in its beak. After lengthy training it would anticipate when you wished to dip your spoon and move the pot towards you. a napkin would be a dainty option under its foot.
po, Feb 28 2002

       Eat one-handed yogurt. Veja a ligação.
waugsqueke, Feb 28 2002

       Ah... but with one-handed yogurt/or gogurt you can't opt for fruit on the bottom. Saddness.
Ezeldorph, Mar 01 2002

       get some yop, or go-gurt. perhaps you could use one of those real big straws that you get for bubble-T to drink the yogurt...
i-Mer, Mar 01 2002

       waugs , és português ?
Sulla 's Ghost, Mar 01 2002

       No., eu não sou. Por que você pede?
waugsqueke, Mar 01 2002


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