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SED Native American PhotonLight

Smoke Emitting Diode sends smoke signals.
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One of these days, scientists are going to come up with a way to generate smoke from electricity without burning up a component. You could have up to 120 hours of "smoke" for sending any signals you wish. Just squeeze the Photon, and out comes smoke. There could be different colors of smoke, including ultraviolet and infrared. Just don't leave the PhotonII SED lying around with the switch on.
Amishman35, Feb 25 2001

FOLDOC: smoke-emitting diode http://foldoc.doc.i...moke-emitting+diode
(humor) An incorrectly connected diode [..] in the process of losing its -> magic smoke and becoming a -> friode. [Similar definition in the jargon file; different from this idea.] [jutta, Feb 25 2001]


       Just about any diode (LED or otherwise) may be used as an SED if you put enough current through it. SER's probably work better though since they can often, unlike SED's, be used more than once.
supercat, Feb 25 2001

       Baked for lo these many years. Ever seen a really nice train set? Put a little oil inside the engine and it comes out the smokestack as smoke...
StarChaser, Feb 25 2001

       Not to mention fog generators used for nightclubs, theater, etc..
egnor, Feb 25 2001

       Someone need little bitty candleabra lights for that doll house?
reensure, Feb 26 2001

       Bun for the TLA
ServoMan314, Jul 16 2008


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