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Refillable glowsticks

You only need one
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You have one large glowstick pre-filled with the solvent in the vessel and solute in the breakable capsule, like any normal glowstick has, but it has a pop-top. You use this glowstick until it runs out, and when this happens, you pour out the used solution, get your bottle of glowstick refill, pop open the glowstick and pour the fluid in. You will also have to drop in a new breakable capsule. Close the cap and reuse. Save money by buying glowstick fluid plus capsules in bulk.
Akabaka, Oct 12 2005

Glowstick Ingredients http://www.juggling...ck_Ingrediants.html
While they are not in large amounts in each glowstick, highly toxic anthracene and power-bleaching hydrogen peroxide aren't really ingredients you want to be storing in bulk or handling casually. Probably not a great idea to just "pour out the used solution", either. [jurist, Oct 12 2005]


       deja vue   

po, Oct 12 2005

       interesting idea
Psycho Moody Drama Queen, Jul 06 2006

       I dunno about you, but around here, we call those "flashlights."   

       ... and require the occasional refill of "batteries."
Letsbuildafort, Jul 07 2006


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