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SIDS breath startler prevents Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

camera and audio watch the baby all the time, if the baby stops breathing a loud sound is made and the crib is mechanically shaken; drug spray further prevents SIDS
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At the crib a camera sees and hears the baby's breath patterns. Software notes any SIDS correlated breathing pattern such as cessation of breathing.

Then the technology makes acoustically loud blips restarting breathing from the baby's startle response. A mechanical crib shaker shakes the crib. I have no idea if it would contribute but a series of bright photoflash lights sufficient to wake up a baby could contribute as well.

It is possible to administer anti-SIDS drugs to the baby very affordably.

A transdermal drug delivery solution such as DMSO with adrenaline is simply sprayed out of a nozzle onto any areas of the baby's skin the camera can see, There are much better transdermal drug delivery velocitizers than DMSO, but DMSO is one.

I'm concerned liposomes wouldn't get past the baby's skin at a not- breathing 1 minute window.

beanangel, Apr 28 2021

SIDS https://en.wikipedi...fant_death_syndrome
[beanangel, Apr 29 2021]

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       //A transdermal drug delivery solution such as DMSO with adrenaline is simply sprayed out of a nozzle onto the baby's surface.//   

       I often autobun your ideas for creativity alone, but this bears some looking into. That being said, as a parent looking at your line above, I'd suggest you get a good advertising agency to write some better copy for your commercials.   

       Might not want to call it "the baby's surface" for starters.
doctorremulac3, Apr 28 2021

       Generally babies are well-clothed when in bed, so the spray will need to be directed towards the face. Including the eyes, which will be nice and wide open from the "shake'n'wake" protocol. Not so good...
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 28 2021

       [doctorremulac] thanks for your suggestion to humanize the human. I rewrote it a little.   

       [a1] wikipedia [link] says that people (babies) with a hypoxia compensation allele have higher SIDS survival. Anything that causes the lungs to start moving again automatically is a possible anti-SIDS drug as the wikipedia thing makes me think it is hypoxia that causes SIDS. The internet says adrenaline and norepinepherine increase respiration.   

       Halogenating drugs often makes them 10-100 times more potent so Chloroadrenaline or Fluoronorepinepherine could reach the baby to restart breathing even at a very low transdermal dose
beanangel, Apr 29 2021

       IMO a lot of SIDS cases are, sadly, really murder.
Voice, Apr 29 2021

       Sleep with the baby, then it doesn't happen. Then the baby grows up, has a baby and doesn't sleep with her and it still doesn't happen so I don't know. Maybe we're just lucky.
nineteenthly, Apr 29 2021

       //sleep with the baby//   

       No, that's called "lying in the same bed wide awake while the baby sleeps." Causes other issues.   

       Maybe the onsie could be integrated into the medical delivery solution.
RayfordSteele, Apr 30 2021


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