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Solar powered advertising letters

A grocery might have a thing that says "Pudding 3/$2" Now each of these letters is PV powered like a photovoltaic pathlight so they glow
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Advertising, where would we be without it? Essay aside, actually I am not sure.

Think of photovoltaic pathlights, they fill up with electricity gradually during the day, then glow for a while. Each letter at a letterboard or billboard could be PV powered, and the light output (mW) could be standardized so the letters would all glow with equal illumination.

As an affordable letterboard this would give more firms the ability to have big glowing letters beckoning to people.

Recently I saw a letterboard advertisement, "Score Now With Amazing Unbelievable Wows!" That is what it actually said. So I think it could say that even better wwith automatically illuminating letters.

beanangel, Nov 22 2016


       This is actually a good idea, apart from the bit about // this would give more firms the ability to have big glowing letters beckoning to people. //   

       Who wouldn't want a large illuminated sign reading "GO STICK YOUR HEAD IN A PIG" somewhere on their premises ?
8th of 7, Nov 23 2016

       This Idea fails to take into account the fact that sunlight is normally hugely brighter than almost any average indoor lighting. Thus more energy is available for those outdoor lights, allowing smaller solar cells to gather what they need. Indoor light-powered displays will need larger solar- cell arrays.
Vernon, Nov 23 2016

       Also, who would eat a pudding worth only 67 cents?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 23 2016

       If your counting on sunlight to shine through the picture windows at the front of the store, the glass blocks some of the energy and the posters, graffiti and paint block some more.   

       Roof mountings maybe.
popbottle, Dec 11 2016

       I was thinking mostly of exterior letter boards and *billboards*
beanangel, Dec 15 2016


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