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SI bodypainting sprouts

to make the SI swimsuit bodypainting issue more athletic the athlete models could be coatheletes playing the math game sprouts with bodypaint
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I have read that The SI bodypainting swimsuit issue is the most popular issue

to make the bodypainting more athletic the athlete models could be coatheletes playing the math game sprouts

sprouts starts with three or four dots then players take turns drawing curvy lines n dots between the starter dots It has a pleasant curvy visual aspect

As cooperative coatheletes the model atheletes could play to visual aesthetics much like an Olympic panel viewing gymnastics or they could play to win the sprouts game The highest value would go to both at the same time yet the players would both have part of the award

The girls paint each other

Thus it would be coathletic, visually pleasant, mentally stimulating n fully adequate to be a part of the swimsuit issue

also, the model athletes could either have a sprout point n their hand or behind their back creating a surprise aspect a little like Go

beanangel, Jun 16 2009

The math game sprouts If you play it to be decorative it looks beautiful http://www.sciencen...4_5_97/mathland.htm
view the image at the middle of the page [beanangel, Jun 16 2009]

bodypainting athletics opportunity at youtube http://www.youtube....watch?v=CM4DGT7GTVo
[beanangel, Jun 16 2009]

animated sprouts http://orion.math.i...r/ppg/sprouts.shtml
[beanangel, Jun 16 2009]


       let's join the auto-bunner's picnic
po, Jun 16 2009

       thanks, i played sprouts with my two nieces which made the game have two winners and one loser. In the end, play evolved into a game of imagine the picture.
wjt, Jun 18 2009


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