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shared words world-wide on doors: push ->TO; pull->OT
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Togetherness of mankind could be promoted by using two shared words all over the world on doors. Instead of "push" and its many language-dependent equivalents-> "TO"; instead of (or besides) "pull"-> "OT". All nationalities would know what to do, even if they are accustomed to Asian or Arabic signs, because "TO" and "OT" are visually extremely simple. On a transparent door it is enough to stick the letters on 1 side of the door. Color-coding: "TO" green (because the traffic light 'go' is green); "OT" red. Pronunciation is very simple, too.
jratkai, Apr 24 2010

TO / OT the door https://sites.google.com/site/tootthedoor
[jratkai, Apr 24 2010]


       [marked-for-deletion] spam.... and not even edible spam, either: one of those cans of "feel good, let's all wear the same t-shirt, why can't we all just get along" spam that makes you upchuck before you can get a forkful in sideways, that Robinson Crusoe would chuck back into the sea unopened.
FlyingToaster, Apr 25 2010

       Steady on, [Toaster], it's not *that* bad. Spam is normally trying to sell us something, which this isn't. I suppose it might be MFD Let's All... , but if that's so then almost all ideas about language conventions would have to go.   

       I'm not going to vote for this, because language-independent signage is not a new idea, and this is not a particularly clever example of it - but I don't think it should be marked for deletion.
pertinax, Apr 26 2010

       Trolling then. whatever [marked-for-deletion]. And it's a particularaly stupid example of it.   

       I got a $110 ticket the other day because of this sort of crap. City gov't doesn't want to go bilingual on roadsigns (because it's the seat of an English-speaking province) so there's a sign that should be either in English or English/French (both of which I can manage for that level of simplicity) that instead is a hieroglyphic. A non-intuitive hierogplyhic that's surrounded by invalid and competing signage.   

       (none of which I incidentally remember because the shock of having a cop jump out of the bushes and flag me down blew away my short-term memory: it was several hours before I pieced together what I was doing there in the first place).   


       [marked-for-deletion] spam, overtly non-commercial.
[marked-for-deletion] advocacy
[marked-for-deletion] let's all
[marked-for-deletion] bad science
[marked-for-deletion] not an original idea.
FlyingToaster, Apr 26 2010

       The only question I have is whether this is spam or not. He hasn't sold the idea on his site, so it's really nothing more than a link to the original idea text.   

       Everything else is moot and explained away as 110 dollars worth of frustration. (edit) Make that $160.
daseva, Apr 26 2010

       Make it zero. They want the right-turn lane to be right-turn only. The offending sign is a curved-line instead of a 90deg angle for intersections, there's a regulatory sign right after saying "straight through to train station", the lane continues on the other side of the street and indeed past the next set of lights, the "right turn only" paint on the road-surface is degraded to the point of being a random splotch, there's traffic-cones (and not the nice flocking variety) all along the side of the road indicating construction that according to yet another sign ended several months ago, but hasn't been started yet, there *is* a sign that says "right lane must exit" but it's an informational sign used to indicate that the lane physically ends or turns, not a regulatory sign. And I get to either pay troll-toll and take a few points on my license or spend a few months poring over government signage manuals. Our hero's destination was over 100km away along that road and he wasn't particularly interested in queue-jumping just to get the extra 10-15 second advantage (and attendant gasoline wasteage).
FlyingToaster, Apr 26 2010

       [admin: Given the non-commercial nature and the fairly low volume, I don't think this is spam either. Generally, if you're frustrated with an idea whose relevance or significance you don't see, please just say so in plain English, rather than by burying it in marked-for-deletion tags and off-topic conversations. Thanks!]
jutta, Apr 27 2010


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