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SPF Gradient Shorts

Prevents tan lines
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These shorts are transparent to ultraviolet light at the hem and opaque at the top, with a gradual transition between. Result: no more ridiculous-looking above-the-knee tan lines; rather, a gradual, almost imperceptible fade from golden-brown knees to alabaster butt.
AO, Aug 28 2003

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       Could a similar result be obtained by adjusting shorts periodically during a tanning session? Certainly works for photographic printing.
supercat, Aug 28 2003

       Good one, [AO].
lintkeeper2, Aug 28 2003

FloridaManatee, Aug 29 2003

       Very nice, another good idea from [AO].
krelnik, Aug 29 2003

       hey don't stop at shorts, tops too! +1
po, Aug 29 2003

       //alabaster butt//   

       Get's my vote every time. +
k_sra, Aug 30 2003

       I guess you don’t wear grass skirts like everyone else does then. - You radical you. +
Shz, Aug 30 2003


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