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Hinged omelette pan modified to make more s'mores
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One side of the hinged device is a typical shallow omelette pan-layer your graham crackers and chocolate bars in the pan-then overfill the remaining space with marshmallows.

The other side of the hinged device is a lightweight, stainless steel, thin wire grate. Now flip-close the grate over the omelette pan, compressing the marshmallows slightly. Latch and roast over the campfire, rotating to avoid flaming.

I roasted coconut coated marshmallows last weekend on a fondue fork which just wasn't the right tool for the job :-) I proposed making a basket-style shish kabob marshmallow roaster but my office mate went me one better with the omelette idea.

AH, Jul 06 2006

Camp cookers http://www.rvupgrad...eiron/t_1705big.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 07 2006]

these grill baskets are made of mesh http://www.premiumk...l_Basket_09514.html
[xandram, Jul 07 2006]


       We use something close to this when we go camping. Check out the [link] and delete this if you've seen them before and I'm being an idiot.   

       Give it a rest with the damn s'mores! Is that all you lot eat over there?
squeak, Jul 07 2006

       Hey!-I searched the previous posts for the word marshmallow and didn't find any that included this idea-but I wouldn't mind trying those flavored marshmallows you apparently have in England.   

       2 Fries-the grill basket is exactly what I had in mind-the size of a double graham cracker though, perpendicular to an L shaped handle.
AH, Jul 07 2006

       The grill link is not mine friend. Cudos to [xandram].   

       This weekend I went searching and found my own idea :-) It is a shishkabob basket (Kmart grilling accessories) and has the exact dimensions of a marshmallow, and will hold approximately 6 marshmallows at once. Test trial to follow.
AH, Jul 10 2006


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