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Sausage Rack

Stops sausages rolling to ensure even cooking
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I'm proposing here a toblerone shaped gadget, made of that heat resistant plastic or silicon. [see link]

the sausage fits betwix the pyramids and is held fast - thus allowing easy grilling

Each pyramid is linked to its neighbour by a thin strip of the same plastic so that when the sausage is wedged, it can be cooked from above (grilled/broiled) or from below (fried)

jonthegeologist, Jul 27 2003

Toblerone http://www.tobleron...ecret/shape-en.html
... the special shape required [jonthegeologist, Oct 17 2004]

Sausage Clip http://www.halfbake...dea/Sausage_20Clips
Cheese's excellent precursor [jonthegeologist, Oct 17 2004]


       baked, well sort of. You can get pans which have a corrugated base specifically for this reason.
neilp, Jul 27 2003

       a pan is ok, but this differs because it allows even cooking from above or below.
jonthegeologist, Jul 27 2003

       surely the little griddle thing that you put things on under the grill stops them rolling?, are you using some sort of deluxe special sausage ?
neilp, Jul 27 2003

       How about triangular sausages?
DeathNinja, Jul 27 2003

       Or perhaps an elliptical one - uneven enough to keep from rolling around by itself, but round enough to ensure even cooking, and to roll over with the back of the fork.   

       But where can one buy such a miracle meat? That's the beauty of it - you can just squash your existing sausages a bit, and they turn elliptical - all by themselves!
friendlyfire, Jul 27 2003

       I have a corrugated, welded wire sausage holder, hinged at the opposite side as the handles, similar to one for fish, that allows turning all the hotdogs 180 degrees over the BBQ.
FarmerJohn, Jul 27 2003

       Obligatory Well, I don't mean to brag Post

Does the plastic leave a sausage aftertaste?
thumbwax, Jul 27 2003

       my mum's burnt chipolatas were exquisite - ask any one.   

       I think its about food being cooked for you by someone who loves you - mmmm
po, Jul 27 2003

       Lorne sausage solves all your problems (barring heart disease). It's a square patty of rought sausage meat (usually manufactured from the finest gristle and sawdust), cut from a massive oblong of same. No uneven cooking disasters here.
my face your, Jul 27 2003

       must be reading the Narnia chronicles
lintkeeper2, Jul 27 2003


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