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Sausage rollers

Even cooking, without constant inspection
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I made a cursory search through the site before writing this idea to try to ensure it wouldn't be a double post, and I find that most ideas on the subject of appropriate sausage-cooking suggest that rotation should end if we are to solve the dilemma of the cooked/uncooked gradient plaguing the sausages of the world.

I posit that this is the wrong way to tackle the problem.

The idea is for an array of cylindrical metal rollers, similar to those you would see at the till in a supermarket. The rollers are spaced closely so as to allow individual sausages to lay between them. At one end of the array is a metal container, to be filled with water.

When sausages are placed on the rollers, and the container filled with water, the whole device may then be placed in the oven/grill, obviously the heat will begin to cook the sausages.

The purpose of the water container would be to act as a small steam engine, which would set the rollers in motion by means of a drive system along the bottom and/or top edges of the rollers, thus ensuring evenly cooked sausages.

fridge duck, Oct 15 2008

Hot Dog Roller Grill http://www.suntec-j.../import/import2.htm
The Mr. Frank HR-30 is a stand-alone hot dog/sausage grill for a small restaurant or convenience store. [jurist, Oct 15 2008]


       Erm, I've seen sausages on rollers in convenience stores. I've never eaten one...a rolling sausage, I mean, not a convenience store.
baconbrain, Oct 15 2008

       We assimilated a convenience store once, but we didn't like it much.   

       We wouldn't eat those rather suspicious looking sausages either.   

       But the idea is Baked, at least in a commercial context.
8th of 7, Oct 15 2008

       It's OK, except for the steam engine. Just have a lever to turn the rollers once.   

       The container is a boiler. How do you refill it during cooking (say you have more than one batch to cook)? The mechanism is quite complicated for a cooking implement. And you're filling the kitchen with steam.
Amos Kito, Oct 15 2008

       I had rather hoped that this idea would be about the type of rollers a woman might use to set a perm in her hair. I imagined her wearing her sausage rollers to bed where they perhaps cooked overnight, thereby providing an efficient time savings for the following morning's breakfast preparations.
jurist, Oct 15 2008


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