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Safe Retractable Leash

The convenience of a retractable dog leash with the safety of a regular leash
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Anyone who has every tried a retractable dog leash has experienced how easy it is to use compared to a regular dog leash. It can't be tangled, gives your dog more freedom, and puts less stress on your arm, especially if you have one of those large go-after-squirrel-type dogs. Why aren't these used by most people? The reason is safety. To stop the leash from continuing to let out, one must push down hard with their thumb on the button located at the top of the handle. This isn't a natural reaction, and ends up having many dogs run in the path of an oncoming car or other danger.

Using the same concept as the push-button to lock the leash, but focusing on safety a new leash could be developed. This leash would still consist of the technology used for a retractable leash, but the handle would be different. Instead of placing a button on top of the handle, a panel would be placed on either side of the handle. When a person is startled, their natural reaction is to pull back and to tighten their grip.

When squeezed, the side panels act as a trigger and stop the leash from continuing to let out. This makes it much more like a real leash in the sense that when one pulls back they pull their dog with them, but also incorporates the tangle free and comfort of a retractable leash.

Elk, Nov 20 2006

Retractable Dog Leash http://images.amazo...LZZZZZZZ_SS260_.jpg
A regular retractable dog leash. The panels described above would be located on either side of the grip. [Elk, Nov 20 2006]


       I have a retractable dog leash that has the button/lever on the inside of the handle. You are right the natural reaction is to grip and pull back, this leash works just fine for that situation. I will check to see if I can find the brand name of this leash.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 21 2006

       Chefboyrbored- if they already have a leash like this, a link to it would be great. I would get one for my dog!
Elk, Nov 21 2006

       Elk, I am looking for the leash. As soon as I find it I will look up the company and post a link.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 21 2006


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