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Shake Hands Dog Grave

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Do you remember that dearly departed dog that was so cute, responsive, well trained and intelligent, that when uttering the command of 'shake hands' he or she would prop themselves up and offer a paw to the sky for you to vigorously shake in a comical fashion? Yes I think we all do.

Well here's an interesting thing that you can remember that pet with - long after they have died. When burying the poor thing, ensure the hole is around 4-6 inches shallower than it should be - such that when you fill in the dirt, all its paws are still protruding from the ground.

This way, when you feel like a bit of post -mortem interaction, you may simply go down to the doggy grave, command: 'Shake hands!' and grasp what's left of a paw and pretend that he or she is still with you.

benfrost, Jun 18 2005

Apparently freeze-drying is now the way to go... http://www.petpreservations.com/
[DrCurry, Jun 18 2005]

Shake http://bz.pair.com/fun/dogGrave.gif
[bristolz, Jun 30 2005]


       That is very, very dark [bf]. Why bother burying him at all?   

       Hmm... the germ of an idea...
moomintroll, Jun 18 2005

       Just stuff the thing and put an animatronic motor inside...
DrCurry, Jun 18 2005

       If it's good enough for dad...
Detly, Jun 18 2005

       If after time the paws/bones etc become unsightly, a quick back and forth with your ride on lawn mower will soon remedy the situation.
benfrost, Jun 18 2005

       a quick yank by a passing fox will bring the dear departed to the surface - very upsetting.
po, Jun 18 2005

       Tremendous. In mind's eye I see a Flanders Field style cemetary, each identical doggy gravestone set behind a crooked paw, some just bone, some freshly dead and the rest inbetween. Crow heaven!   

       po, just bury the dog under a concrete slab with an appropriately positioned hole.
calum, Jun 18 2005

       calum, you just watch out for your appropriately positioned hole.
po, Jun 18 2005

       Glory Hole Cemetary? now I'm glad I didn't come up with that one.
benfrost, Jun 18 2005

       Umm benfrost, this is strange, even for you. Very strange.....
DesertFox, Jun 19 2005

       You could have a little headstone above the grave:   

       Here lies sweet Rover   

       Play dead! Roll over!
Adze, Jun 19 2005

       "The paws that defleshes"
FarmerJohn, Jun 19 2005

       Fido is rolling over in his grave.
RayfordSteele, Jun 19 2005

       //Fido is rolling over//   

       Tricky, with one paw sticking out.
moomintroll, Jun 19 2005

       Very dark and scary, but unfortunantly, I can just imagine this...   

froglet, Jun 20 2005

       This idea is actually based in truth - as my father and i did in fact bury our labrador - stiff with rigor mortis - in a grave about 3 inches too shallow. Though we dug him back out again rather than turning to the lawn mower.
benfrost, Jun 20 2005

       Streuth, that must've been disturbing. I think something like this happened on the Simpsons, involving the Flanders' family pet bunny, but I can't remember...
froglet, Jun 20 2005

       I don't really know what to day about this. It sounds incredibly wrong and unsanitary, and yet for some reason I can't vote against it. Very odd dilemma...
hobbitcoat, Jun 20 2005

       I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.
shapu, Jun 20 2005

       I tried very hard not to laugh, but the visual got the best of me.
blissmiss, Jun 20 2005

       At first I thought it was going to be a tombstone with a puppy paw prosthetic, with a voice activated shaker ... ah, me.
Soterios, Jun 20 2005

(sung to the tune of "four leaf clover)
I'm mowin' over
My dead dog Rover
That I over-mowed be-fore

One leg is missing
Another is gone
One leg is scattered
All over the lawn...
Freefall, Jun 20 2005

       Aww... that's sweet.
daseva, Jun 20 2005

       I hear the stomping of about a zillion animal rights advocates, heading towards the house of one, benfrost. And they ain't happy. They think it would be funny if your four limbs were stuck up in the air, dead.
blissmiss, Jun 20 2005

       If they're going to keep in the spirit of the idea, shouldn't they at least wait until benfrost dies?
Soterios, Jun 20 2005

       i would like to be buried with one hand protruding from the ground, straight upwards, hand cupped and filled with bird seed.
benfrost, Jun 21 2005

       It can be arranged.
The Kat, Jun 21 2005

       That would look sort of creepy. What if someone who didn't know what it was pullled too hard when the grave was fresh? Traumatising.
Xcubeds, Jun 22 2005

       there would be a clearly written sign of course
benfrost, Jun 22 2005

       stuff the dog, don't bury it if you wanna shake hands.... Also, the hand would start to decay after about 2-3 days.
Quadrax, Jun 23 2005

soliloquy, Jun 23 2005

       I've been having a problem with this one, and I didn't know how to articulate it. I still don't entirely understand the problem I have, but in short, I have a feeling that this is one of your weaker recent ideas. I'm not at all squeamish, it's not about that. What would solve it for me is a 2 part answer. One, different people probably respond most fondly to different parts of the dog (I like to give my dog pets around the head and ears, and she likes the typical scratch on the hindquarters.) So one part is to allow the protrusion of any part you choose, and then, since you're going to so much trouble, (second part) why not bronze the part sticking out?
oxen crossing, Jun 24 2005

       Awwww. I'd really like to visit a boneyard like that.
reensure, Jun 25 2005

       Let's go visit Cujo at the Pet Cemetery!
jaksplat, Jun 25 2005

       Genius. I like this very much. Perhaps cats could be left with their tails sticking up out of the ground so you could playfully pull them (gently of course) as you pass. If you had loads of cats it would be like a garden installation.   

       I find [DrCurry]'s link about freeze drying your pets rather disturbing and curiously funny. I would imagine you get a rather shrivelled specimen back.
hazel, Jun 25 2005


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