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Spontaneous Human Combustion Extinguishing Hat

Halon Backpack Sold Separately
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Nothing spoils an evening out with friends like a pesky case of Spontaneous Human Combustion.

What to do?

GROGco fire protection engineers, in cooperation with the Lloyds of Liverwurst Insurance Company, have devised the perfect answer for your party planning pleasure!

Simply have each guest don the GROGco Spontaneous Human Combustion Extinguishing Hat and strap on the handy Halon Backpack, and they're ready for hours of dining and dancing debauchery.

At the first sign of trouble, the hat will spray a continuous jet of Halon down around the wearer that will envelop them in a protective cocoon of oxygen free gas. As the other guests look on in abject horror, you can rest assured any other nearby sources of ignition remain refreshingly fire free.

Note: To avoid false alarms, steer clear of the flambe.

Grogster, Jul 06 2013


       Useful, and bunned. But SHC is more carbon-neutral than using a gas lighter to light candles/cookers/whatever, so it's not a 100% win/win.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 06 2013


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