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Sand Bed

The Beach in your bed.
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For this all you need to do is build well sealed box and fill it with sand. You could rig up somthing underneith to warm the sand if you want. But the point is you have a self forming soft mattress thats great on the back with nothing but sand. You could even form a pillow out sand for your head if you wanted.
shakeandbake, Jan 18 2008

The Clinitron Bed http://www.medbc.co...text/vol1n2p118.htm
Medical journal article about air fluidized beds. [oneoffdave, Jan 18 2008]

More Clintron http://www.nuh.nhs....Fluidised%20Bed.pdf
NHS guide to the Clinitron (sorry about the pdf). [oneoffdave, Jan 18 2008]


       I slept on sand only once. I was out of the wind and snow, over the water pipe from a hot spring, and had a stray kitten climb in with me, so I remember it as a good night. But the sand itself felt hard and lumpy--it doesn't give and conform to one's body. Put some sort of fluidizing mechanism in the sand bed, and I might try it again.
baconbrain, Jan 18 2008

       You also might sink.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 18 2008

       Snacking might be problematic. Gritty crisps and such.
blissmiss, Jan 18 2008

       //You also might sink.// Maybe, but the Mythbusters couldn't sink in their quicksand test. I was also assuming a sheet over the top of the sand, though I failed to say so.
baconbrain, Jan 18 2008

       Well I have had some very lovely and comfortable naps on the sand. The sand of coarse should be very fine and soft. I can, however see that it might get uncomfortable as a full time bed so maybe it would be better suited as a massage table???? Whatever snack crumbs get on the bed can easily be coverd with a nice layer of sand.
shakeandbake, Jan 18 2008

       Here's a thought--some folks sleep on their back, and don't move much, while others sleep on their sides, and some move and toss more than others. I'm thinking this idea is based on a back-sleeper, maybe. I can't sleep on my back at all, and turn side-to-side a lot, which would stir up lumps in the sand.
baconbrain, Jan 18 2008

       maybe heated... not a good idea for yours truly since I have 4 cats, though.
FlyingToaster, Jan 18 2008

       //The sand of coarse should be very fine and soft.//   

       Intersting... "the sentence of incorrect should be very grammatical and correct".
globaltourniquet, Jan 18 2008

       intersting. :)
po, Jan 18 2008

       There is a low pressure bed used in nursing burns patients that is basically a big box full of sand grain sized silica glass balls that has warm air blown through it. Has a porous top sheet that allows the air through. It's called a Clinitron bed [link].
oneoffdave, Jan 18 2008

       oh my I created an oxymoron without even knowing it. Thanks globaltourniquet.
shakeandbake, Jan 19 2008

       And a puzzled ox.
8th of 7, Jan 19 2008

       //Whatever snack crumbs get on the bed can easily be coverd with a nice layer of sand.//
...hence the ANTS!
xandram, Jan 19 2008

       //You haven't actually slept on ...//
sand's way better than anything damp, and I'd take small boulders over cold concrete any day.

       //Whatever snack crumbs get on the bed can easily be coverd with a nice layer of sand.//

       Don't gotta worry about smoking in bed, either.
FlyingToaster, Jan 19 2008

       The sand issue at hand was that the sand would GET MINGLED IN WITH THE CRISPS, hence a gritty mouth feel.   

       I'm not worred about crumbs in the bed, I've had many of them...
blissmiss, Jan 19 2008

       // I've had many of them.. //   

       Yes, your reputation goeth before you .....   

       Oh, sorry, you meant crumbs. Didn't you ?
8th of 7, Jan 19 2008

       Its a human sized litter box..
Antegrity, Jan 19 2008

       Actually what I meant, [8th of 7], (if indeed that is you behind the cat fragments), but didn't mean to say was, I've had many men who were crummy in bed, and *that* should be a warning that THEIR REPUTATION MAY PRECEEDE THEM...
blissmiss, Jan 22 2008

       <industriously piles more sandbags on parapet, huddles in kevlar and pulls hat down over ears>   

       <re-reads memoirs of General von Paulus>   

       <timidly waves white flag>
8th of 7, Jan 22 2008

       //fluidizing mechanism //   

       Custard of course
Voice, Sep 06 2021

       // But the sand itself felt hard and lumpy--it doesn't give and conform to one's body. //   

       Just laying on top of sand doesn't do much for comfort, you're right, [baconbrain]. But with some work, it is possible to shape the sand so that it follows the curves of your body. Once you have created the negative of your shape, lying in it will feel super comfortable.
PauloSargaco, Sep 08 2021


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