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No-more sleep Alarm Bed

Bed that wakes you up because there's no way you could sleep on this
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This is a comfy inlatable mattress that you'd use as any other. However at it's base are many irregularly shaped protruberences. When the alarm goes off in the morning the bed slowly deflates. After a couple of minutes you're left lying on what feels to be large dice, or baseballs or jacks (it doesn't really matter - uncomfortable shapes). Good for those who keep hitting the snooze. The mattress could even have two sides/alarms, for your other.
unthinkable, Apr 01 2004

(?) never oversleep again http://www.halfbake...20oversleep_20again
A tilting mattress. Note the category, please. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


       Just join a rowing team. If you sleep through your alarm, you're guaranteed to receive a phone call 30 seconds after practice begins.
tchaikovsky, Apr 02 2004

       Thanks, Phoenix. Of course, you have no problem rising.
unthinkable, Apr 05 2004

       Of course for some the hard, uncomfortable under surface may be a vast improvement over the current pillow-top surface now. *ahem*
Letsbuildafort, Apr 05 2004

       Ha. Love it. +
sartep, Apr 05 2004

       It should also make a huge farting noise as it deflates, like a giant whoopie cushion.
jaksplat, Jan 27 2005

       just like the motorized futon this is just a nother frat like prank on your geusts that have to sleep in the toy room on an iflatable bed and at four in the morning the dog comes in and chews a hole in it. thus idea good   

       for torchor
toomer34, Jun 26 2005

       This is brilliant!!! I want one. It is also the perfect invention for the 80% (Estimated) of western people who share a bed with their wife/husband/significant other and have to get up at different times, without waking the other person. It could come with a built in "roughness" control which changes the underbed terrain from "flat board" to "Large irregular boulders"
Minimal, Jun 27 2005


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