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Sand Dispensers

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Equip vehicles with a container of sand near each wheel and a method to quickly dispense it in front of each wheel in emergency situation in slippery conditions (ie: icy roads).

Hitting the brakes much harder than normal is probably the best method of activation.


lightning, Jan 19 2011

Sno-Trac Sandblaster Sno-Trac_20Sandblaster
[ldischler, Jan 19 2011]

Sand brake 2.0 & patent 3888524 Sand_20brake_202_2e0
Looks like this bun has been in the oven for 36 years now [idris83, Jan 19 2011]

Collective Road Gritting Collective_20road_20gritting
Prior Art (and well baked) [csea, Jan 19 2011]

Traction sanders http://www.elstonmf...action-sanders.html
In some locales and circumstances, they're required by law. [lurch, Jan 20 2011]


       I think this is an improvement of the Sno-Trac Sandblaster as it is only dispensed when traction is lost and thus doesn't require a huge reservoir of sand. Perhaps it would also work in greasy conditions in fair weather, when you might leave your Sno-Trac Sandblaster empty.   

       I think traction control systmes are already pretty good at detecting skids so would be a better trigger; not being impeded by poor human reaction times.
idris83, Jan 19 2011

       B(r)aked in my dad's 1947 Studebaker [link].
csea, Jan 19 2011

       Welcome though.
That your idea is soooo baked means that if it is original to you then...it's a good'n.

       Used to be done on steam locomotives, at least for starting up.   

baconbrain, Jan 20 2011

       Be sure the sand is dry so it doesn't freeze up.
baconbrain, Jan 20 2011

       Could add a little salt to make sure it wouldn't freeze. Though if you ever ran someone over, it would automatically dump the mixture in their wounds. Fantastic for gangsters!
saedi, Jan 21 2011


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