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Sno-Trac Sandblaster

For use on icy (or even wet) roads
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Basically, a large reservoir, mounted either on the roof (in one of those huge luggage containers) or in the trunk (or, possibly, under the hood) filled with either sand or salt (salt may work better but is more corrosive to the vehicle), with a drop tube in front of each front tire (or possibly every tire, depending on the owner's preference). When you find yourself on an icy road, push the release button and a carefully measured amount of the sand or salt starts pouring onto the road in front of the tires to improve traction. The sand reservoir has the added benefit of adding weight to the vehicle and giving the tires' grooves or studs more bite.
21 Quest, Oct 23 2006

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21 Quest, Oct 24 2006

       //The sand reservoir has the added benefit of adding weight to the vehicle and giving the tires' grooves or studs more bite.//

       Not if you empty them.

       What do I pay taxes for anyway? Salt truck anybody?
Chefboyrbored, Oct 24 2006

       Salt trucks are nice, if they've salted the road before you drive on it. If you beat them to the road or if it starts snowing while you're driving, you're S.O.L.
21 Quest, Oct 24 2006

       Will salt, applied a fraction of a second ahead of the tyre contact surface, have any appreciable effect? Also, exactly how much salt and/or sand are we talking about here? Sounds either very heavy, or very short lasting.

       I doubt it will have taken effect before the tyre rolls over. I think you'll be driving over a thin layer of salt that is sitting on smooth ice, that hasn't had a chance to absorb the salt and melt yet.

       no vote 'cause I'm not sure, though. It hasn't snowed here since the last ice age, and even then it was probably only sleet.
Custardguts, Oct 25 2006

       I live in snow aboot half the year. If you sprinkle a little bit of sand (or kitty litter) under your wheel when you are stuck in the snow, you'll get more traction then you'd think. +
Crackpot, Oct 25 2006

       ..... Okay. I thought we were talking about using Salt to melt the ice, which takes time. Sand or other particulates will raise the friction immediately.
Custardguts, Oct 25 2006

       For continuous use, I'm not so sure about this, but for situations when you are stuck or close to it, +.
Shz, Oct 25 2006

       I vote yes because I will take the salt tube, install it to inject the salt (sodium+heat=boom!!) directly to the cumbustion chamber after passing thru a petro/vortex heat exchanger/mixer ( yet to be invented? - enhancing violent cumbustion = HP). End result giving me more power to roll my car back and forth, all pissed off, burning my tires, but yet giving me a peaceful fealing of burning rubber with more horsepower then I would of had with out the salt.
SuperHole, Oct 25 2006

       Baked in my Dad's 1947 Studebaker. It had two wells just ahead of the rear wheels which contained black grit. The driver could control (by means of a pushbutton on the dashboard) the release of the grit when icy conditions required.

       The grit came in (US) half-gallon "milk carton" -style containers.

       see [links]
csea, Oct 26 2006

       I've never seen the snow. :(
Pericles, Oct 28 2006

       Take a trip up north next month, Pericles. We'll have plenty of it to go around in Washington State. You haven't lived until you've been in a snowball fight!
21 Quest, Oct 28 2006

       It's snowed about twice in my life time where I live, it melted before the next day though.
BJS, Oct 28 2006

       [21 Q], I'm actually taking the trip north next month, but "north" for me means Miami, and I don't think there has ever been snow there :( Hopefully next year...
Pericles, Oct 29 2006

       Miami!?! Why on Earth would you ever want to go there? It's hot, humid and miserable... Sorry to rant, but I just left Florida (I lived in Ormond Beach, which is right next to Daytona, not too far from Miami) because I couldn't stand the humidity any more. As far as snow... no, there hasn't been. However, there was a huge frost several years ago that left everything covered in sheets of ice, but I think that was only in the pan-handle (everyone I talked to when I lived in Ft Walton Beach told me about it).

       btw, ever notice how many cities in Florida end in the word "beach"?
21 Quest, Oct 29 2006

       It's not like I chose Miami for my holidays, [21Q]. My sister and her husband opened a branch of their business there and it became the place where my poor nephew will arrive in this world on december... and, even if it's Miami, I don't want to miss it!!!
Pericles, Oct 29 2006

       [SuperHole] forgive me for my monday obtuse-ness, but I am hoping that was tongue in cheek?

       'cause you're wrong for nay number of reasons. sodium+heat=boom? no, unless of course, you mean [anything] + [enough heat] = boom.

       whilst sodium+water can mean boom, this is only for elemental sodium. Salt is Sodium Chloride, and as someone who has salted his soup on many occasions, I garuntee there is no boom to be had. Especially with soups I have cooked.

       In effect, sodium the sodium in salt has already gone boom, having already reacted with chlorine (and perhaps liberated even more energy than had it reacted with water - haven't checked my heats of formation tables lately).

       apologies if you were indeed joking.
Custardguts, Oct 29 2006

       Pericles, sorry if I came across as rude. I can think of no better reason to go anywhere than to welcome a new child into the world. Give my best wishes to your sister and your new nephew!
21 Quest, Oct 30 2006

       Ohhhh, [21Q], you were not rude. I don't like Miami either. It's good you get to say what you think.
Pericles, Oct 30 2006


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