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Sarin Sweat Lodge

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We at BUNGCO are down with sweat lodges. A good purging sweat, some meditations, see a vision, emerge transformed: good stuff. At least the sweat part, but not so much the heat. All that heat is bad for the brain. Now if you only have stone age technology, the heat helps make the sweat. But in this enlightened age do we really need to cook ourselves to go visionquesting?

No. Introducing the Sarin Sweat Lodge. Once in the comfortably warm lodge, take your seat and then inhale a puff or two of gently scented Sarin (available in pine, dill and mince). Then the water comes on in a big way, and your catharsis begins - brain unaddled by artificial fever. The Sarin sweat lodge makes more than sweat as the water will come of everywhere else too - visions are easier to come by given pinpoint pupils and a film of tears, and your sinuses will never have been so clean.

Emerge purged and have a nice drink of BUNGCO WHO Electrolyte solution before hitting the shower!

Actually, go shower first, please.

bungston, Feb 28 2009

Sarin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarin
In the sweat lodge there is just a little sarin. A tiny little bit! No! Less than that! [bungston, Feb 28 2009]

Sweat lodge, AKA medicine house http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweat_lodge
All sweat lodges are saunas, but not all saunas are sweat lodges :) [Veho, Mar 01 2009]


       I think that sarin is permanent, but that the body gradually turns over the receptors to which it binds.   

       Remember, 21, the Sarin Sweat Lodge is to be used as a tool to further the cause of physical and spiritual purity and cleansing. If you start sending soldiers in there they might wind up hugging each other, playing soccer, planting trees and other such. I mean doing all that stuff with the guys on the other side they are supposed to kill. Maybe with each other too. Anyway, be careful.
bungston, Mar 01 2009

       [-] gonna pass, 'sides, wikipedia doesn't mention sweating.... everything else, though.
FlyingToaster, Mar 01 2009

       Why sarin? Aren't there less toxic agents with the desired effects?
Spacecoyote, Mar 01 2009

       It's very early here or else this is an extremely insane idea!!!
blissmiss, Mar 01 2009

       Is a "sweat lodge" some ghastly Americanism for the English (and, to give them credit, Finnish) word "Sauna"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2009

       No, the "sweat lodge" is a Native American invention. See link. Unlike the physical-health-oriented Finnish sauna, a steam lodge has a spiritual purpose, and was used in ceremonies, to induce visions in shamans. While still technically a sauna, "sweat lodge" is pretty specific.
Veho, Mar 01 2009

       Hmm. Couldn't they have come up with a native american term for it? Ah well.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2009

       Sweating Ball"s Sauna?
blissmiss, Mar 01 2009

       Innipi or Temazcal.
zeno, Mar 02 2009

       It occurs to me that the rivers of mucus and secretions this would produce could be useful on a daily basis as they would protect one from contracting flu or other viral illnessess. Any such fomites would be swept away.
bungston, Oct 25 2010

       Nerve gas "People who absorb a non-lethal dose but do not receive immediate appropriate medical treatment may suffer permanent neurological damage." -
popbottle, Dec 22 2014

       capsaicin ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 22 2014


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