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Shuckling chair/robot/brain study

What is at the root of Jewish Shuckling? Does it help you concentate?
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Back in black and white TV days I remember seeing a short film about Jewish students studying the Torah. And they were most of them nodding. When I looked it up today it turns out to be called "Shuckling". ( A tough to find on google there is a comic turtle called Shuckle and oyster shucking, A lot of noise but it is there. )

When I thought about this gentle nodding it seemed that it might change your brain chemistry by refreshing the fluid in the brain. Shake things up a bit. But it might be a bit exhausting, if you were not reading something exciting.

So a robot to shake the reader gently might be a product that would sell to the fringe.

Or a chair built on top of a small spring loaded teeter toter. my office chair has enough wobble in it to shake for some time with just a slight push.

Or just a set of scientific studies to find out if anything useful is going on when Shuckling, nodding. You could start with two groups reading the same text on a train that vibrates and at the not shaking train station. Taking a test on the material. Or bus vs train for two kinds of vibration. A lot of commuters already read on the way in, so getting volunteers should not be to hard.

Plenty of time to see if there is a suspicion of something going on before tapping spines and brains for fluids.

popbottle, Jan 27 2014


       I didn't find it very tough to find on google. I don't think the pokemon turtle has anything to do with it.
rcarty, Jan 27 2014

       Fresh from concentate.   

I sometimes, (read perpetually), drift off while reading text. An interactive program which kinda gives you a gentle nudge when it sees your eyes not scanning any more would be helpful... or torture, depending on use.


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