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Seven Sphincter Fanfare

Harmonicly resonant body practice.
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Seven sphincter fanfare is a body-state/moment. It is based on the idea that the chakras are all sphincter-like ring muscles that can get into perfect circular geometries and thus harmonically aligned ratios, when engaged correctly, so that one can aspire, through a practice of yoga/diet/singing and meditation, to achieve a 7part harmonic ratio between the radii of the 7 body meridian sphincters: anus, prostate, solar plexus, heart, vocal tract, osculum, and nimbus. Ok, I just made osculum and nimbus up but they sound right for sphincter-shaped muscles at the 6th and 7th chakras.

I invite you to start by thinking the right stuff repetitively, until you got in a place where you were seeing the right stuff, so that you could start to sing a certain note, which would then make your heart sphincter resonate, which in turn would make your emotional solar plexus thing vibrate in harmony, followed by your peeing and farting in harmony -- at what ever perfect combination of tones make up interesting 7 part harmonies. You could experiment to determine the best outcome. --- Although... I could have it totally upside down and it might be better starting at the other end. I don't know.

JesusHChrist, Jan 14 2014

Almost discovered quite a long time ago? http://photos1.blog...4/208/400/bosch.jpg
[bhumphrys, Jan 14 2014]


       The mouth is sphinter-like, and used for singing.
rcarty, Jan 14 2014

       I had a scan done of my heart...the valve structure resembles anuses and vaginas. Design will out. What were we talking about? Should I be embarassed?
normzone, Jan 14 2014

       Ear-holes are open and round, no sphincters needed.
Vernon, Jan 14 2014

       Embarassment is the most embarassing thing, it's best to act nonchalantly at all times. Make others feel embarassed for you, and it's truly only they who are embarassed. That's part of the philosophy of the seven sphincters.
rcarty, Jan 14 2014

       The very very rude version being the Whoremonica. (apologies)
xenzag, Jan 14 2014

       Mozart's Rectiem...
4whom, Jan 14 2014

       [rcarty]'s description of *embarrassment* is awesome but *osculum and nimbus* sound like some super-hero rappers!
xandram, Jan 14 2014


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