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Satellite Camera Phone

Digital Camera transmits pictures via Satellite Phone
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I was reading an article about a warzone conflict and a photographer who was threatened with arrest if he took pictures of the scene. It occurred to me that it would be a lot harder to get away with that sort of thing if the pictures could be transmitted to the net immediately. "Destroy the camera, fine, but it's too late -- the pictures are already out there and you'll just be making it worse by arresting me." Any dangerous situation where a photographer might be in danger or photos might be destroyed would be a candidate application. We have satellite phones -- so why not a ground-based satellite camera?

I googled around and was surprised to find almost nothing currently out there (though it seems like the military must have something). The closest thing was the link below, from a couple of years ago.

I'm sure it's just a matter of time...

blimfark, Aug 16 2008

"Upload Every Mountain" http://www.wired.co.../news/2006/03/70416
2006 Wired article on transmitting photos from Everest [blimfark, Aug 16 2008]

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       This has been Baked. During the riots in Paris a couple of years back, the CRS grabbed a photographer who had takne pics of them behaving in a less than considerate manner to a rioter.   

       They took his camera, but then discovered that he had it wired to a PDA with 3G capability, and every picture he took was uploaded to a server outside France almost as soon as it was taken.   

       They were not best pleased, but had to let him go with nothing more than a few dirty looks.
8th of 7, Aug 17 2008


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