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Sauce Nodrip

Hangs on side of bowl helps u get the sauce to your plate
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This ashtray sized device has an open grip which you slide the spoon or ladel under. Now when you pick it up the sauce drips into it and not on the floor or table. When you reach your plate "hang" it on the plate's side easily slide the spoon towards your plate an unload the sauce into your plate. The way back is even simpler if you leave the spoon on the bowl's side. If you want to keep the spoon just return the nodrip from it's handle.
pashute, Apr 05 2020

Sketch of idea https://sketch.io/r...8a6abb5110fb0f.jpeg
[pashute, Apr 05 2020]

Bent spoon https://www.borough...EAQYBiABEgIvNfD_BwE
[bhumphrys, Apr 05 2020]

A better picture of the problem https://www.alamy.c...image216079951.html
[pashute, Apr 06 2020]


       // leave the spoon on the bowels side   

       Um. Yeah.   

       Not sure that sketch is helping, btw.
tatterdemalion, Apr 05 2020

       From the sketch:   

       Balance a beating heart upright on a saucer.
Garnish with three strands of spaghetti.
pertinax, Apr 05 2020


       Nodrip (n): a treacherous offshore current, controlled by an inclination of the head. NB, Excessively large head not included.   

       Also, note   

       Sauce (n): cheeky repartee or attitude (compare southern US "sass").   

       There's nothing wrong with the idea as presented, but sometimes wilful misrepresentation is just more fun. No offence meant.
pertinax, Apr 05 2020

       // leave the spoon on the bowels side // // Um. Yeah. //   

       Um. No. Entirely the wrong part of the digestive system.
8th of 7, Apr 05 2020

       I've got one. It is my second favorite spoon. I leave it on my bowels side every so often. (link)
bhumphrys, Apr 05 2020

       // It is my second favorite spoon. //   

       You have a second favorite spoon. That means that you also have a favorite spoon; and more worryingly, a propensity for assigning varying importance to small and trivial items of cutlery.   

       <Smiles, nods, backs slowly away making placatory gestures/>
8th of 7, Apr 05 2020

       How very dare you! There's nothing trivial about my favorite spoon I'll have you know.   

       Go on, admit it you have a favorite spoon too don't you. Everybody has.
bhumphrys, Apr 05 2020

       We have, as you might expect, a "preferred" knife. As you might also expect, it is not an eating utensil. While it could be used for that task, it is first and foremost an edged weapon.   

       But no, neither spoons nor forks are regarded as having any specific merit.
8th of 7, Apr 05 2020

       // Montgomery //   


       <Sobbing and blubbering/>
8th of 7, Apr 05 2020

       [bhumphrys] that spoon would easily make my top three.
tatterdemalion, Apr 05 2020

       but you have to hold your second favorite spoon with your other hand. I really should get more skilled at drawing (and spelling) Maybe I'll make a paper model. It's simple and elegant and doesn't deserve all that bad attention it has been pulling away from the Corona virus.
pashute, Apr 06 2020

       As to the actual idea, couldn't you just place a small saucer next to the bowl to drip onto?
beanangel, Apr 06 2020

       Stop being sensible and practical, [bean]. You're spoiling an excellent, nay flawless, record ...
8th of 7, Apr 06 2020


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